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Claim: “Macro-evolution is unproven and has never been observed.”

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Refutation Links and Multimedia:  http://kaimatai.blogspot.co.nz/2013/07/lets-talk-about-macroevolution.html,   evolution.berkeley.edu<<FAQ 

Debater Responses:  (no particular order)

  1. *V*– That’s common apologetic misinformation. Perhaps ask some experts: @EvolutionQA or @scientiapercept , @GodFreeWorld  or @mrhawkes on twitter.
  2. *V*-“@auldshaman: There is no such thing as macro-evolution (or micro-evolution). There is only evolution. Evolution is change in a species due to small changes in DNA. These changes aren’t always for the good. Nature is constantly changing species without plan or reason. If a change in a species is beneficial, it will be bred into future generations because the parent with the change survived to make offspring. If a change is not beneficial, there is a good chance the being with that change will die before making offspring.”
  3. “Michael:  Apart from there being no such things as micro- and macro-evolution, the claim is not true. Yes, evolutionary traits general take tens of thousands of years to materially manifest themselves.  However, organisms’ adaptation to their environment can be seen during a person’s lifetime.  Bacteria, for instance, bacteria have developed resistance to some antibiotic treatments in the space of just a couple of decades. Exterminators need ever more potent poison to kill vermin because they, too, have evolved immunity to many fumigation chemicals.  This is seen in humans as well. People today are, for instance, generally taller than they were a century ago as a result of a better (healthier) diet. Our senescence has increased greatly for the same reason.  All this took place in a hundred years or so. Even if you know nothing about fossils and other evidence demonstrating the evolution of species, does not sheer common sense tell you that such small changes on a scale of not tens but tens of thousands of years would yield some very contrasting “before” and “after” specimens!?

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