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Heard of the #TheistChallenge ?   HERE is where I refute their arguments.  https://freeatheism.org/claimsrefuted/

NEW – Use Faerie Magic cards to counter absurd  god myth believers.. HERE!

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Welcome Freethinkers, you are not alone!  Whether you are a life long atheist, recently deconverted, skeptical about your religion or want to learn about atheists and humanists… start below to find a variety of resources.

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Welcome Believers of God Myths.  Here are some tough things to think about from your local A.S.H. Community:

  1. Why you already agree that your god doesn’t exist.
  2. Why Even God Couldn’t Prove That He Was God
  3. Believers have no way to know what they worship
  4. The Horror of what heaven would be like if Hell existed too
  5. Shameful God Beliefs:  Explaining the harms of faith
  6. Questions we pose to believers to get them to think
  7. When Should Christians Authenticate Commands From God?
  8. How is Atheism Freedom?  See also Atheist Cake: More about unique atheistic freedoms.
  9. The definition of Atheism – a well detailed blog to refute believers who insist atheism is only defined their way.


My  list of #FF Suggestions for Twitter https://freeatheism.org/2014/02/21/ff/  … Note that list is incomplete but this twitter list is is pretty great: http://twitter.com/FreeAtheism/lists/favs-to-keep-tabs-on

This page lays out the variety:  My Common links/posts

Click Contact Me or mail to:  FreeAtheism@gmail.com   or on twitter @FreeAtheism 

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Note: All graphics on this site are copyrighted ©2014-2015. Where noted, graphics may be shared and used freely, but never altered without permission by freeatheism.org administrators.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to Free Atheism

  1. looking forward to seeing this blossom into a force for truth, equality and for what’s right….I am proud to be associated with this site and cause

  2. What an amazing site you have. I am excited to see reality, logic and common sense take over the illogical, faith-based religious way of life. I am sure that some Theists will start to question their “faith” by reading through your site and THAT is what it’s all about, really. I will learn from your site and then, maybe someday, be able to contribute to it!
    Thanks for the good work!

    • Thank you for the compliment! The idea for the site came to me when the atheist avengers chose to stick to only on call debate and i thought the team should be made of all skills, not just debaters supporting atheists… but all types of backgrounds being on call to help. So i developed the lists and tools to support that purpose.
      …im sure you are able to contribute… its just one bit of reason at a time. Thanks for the visit and comment! ~ Artie

  3. hey this is a good course ok. the light of this world is facts and reasons not baseless beliefs. go higher and create the awareness.

  4. I think mostly all people are atheists going through life. Proof of something beyond doesn’t happen. It hasn’t happened for me. Sure you can read something but it still isn’t proof. However, I try not to let fear
    take over. I live peacefully and deny hypocrisy as much as I can.

  5. I don’t know what to believe. I have a problem with that. I feel a well being is in me to guide me though life good or bad. I didn’t grow up with knowledge of religion. Parts of my family like cousins were.

    • I too feel things like that. Explore it if you like, but don’t settle on baseless or popular explanations. Think through it. If “God did it” doesn’t have reliable evidence then fall back to what we do know. Nature. Natural causes are the only type of causes we know of… so chances are feelings are just that… feelings and big brains doing amazing, mysterious things. Find me on twitter for easier convo… good luck.

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