Stop MYTHing Reality – Gold

SMR Gold cards are designed to share with believers, in an effort to help supplement your counter arguments. You may use the cards on mass media, blogs, videos or even print them, but please don’t modify the cards or use them for profit.  For requests or changes please contact me, Artie.  Feedback appreciated, thanks.  Click for full size image and direct URL or right click for smaller download

Stop MYTHing Reality Home    Red = Behavioral cards,     Green =  Freethinker recognition,     Blue = Pro-atheism/ humanism reasoning and recognition     Myths and Monsters

Atheists believe in no god copy Faith leads to truth copy God is not a myth copy Gods actions are justified copy Atheism is religion copy I have faith copy Bible is inspired copy Claim without evidence copy Divine morality Mything Reality copy God is evil copy God is good copy How did we get here copy It takes more faith to be an atheist copy Jesus Sacrifice copy Just a theory copy God inspired bible copy Miracles prove God copy pascals wager copy respect religious beliefs copy Trust God copy You know God exists copy Questions prove nothing copy

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