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  1.  What to Know & How to ♦  1. 50 Reasons to Believe in God~ALL REFUTED  2.♥ΔAnswers to common theist questions  3. ~ Common Theist Arguments   4. Δ How to Answer Theistic Arguments   5.  Δ 25 common theist arguments (vid)    6. Δ Debunking 7 Most Common Theist Arguments (vid)  7.  Top 10 Creationist Arguments (vid)  8.Top 10 Creationist Arguments (vid)   9.Δ♥ Logical Fallacy Identifier  /   
  1. ♦ Generaly Useful Sites ♦   ★♥Δ   2. ♥★Δ  4. Δ ~ Everything Bad & Worse in the Bible   5. Δskeptics annotated bible ~side by side with reason   6. ♥Δ   7. ♥Δ   8. ★♥   9. ★♥Why Wont God Heal Amputees? < Brilliant!  10. ♥ΔThe Atheist Experience TV Show  11. ΔPagan Origin of the Christ Myth  12.ΔSkeptics annotated Quran 13. The Web’s Best Videos on Evolution, Creationism, Atheism and More ~1200+ links!!!
  2. ♦ Blogger Insight  Click for MANY more  1. Taking Faith on Faith  2. Free Atheist Challenge: Hand Deliver Some “Paper Tweets”  3. The Truth About “Atheist Tolerance” and Other Self-Delusion 4. ♥★ΔYour Shameful God Beliefs
  1. ♦ General Topics ♦  1.★Multiple Scripture Arguments & Prophecy Issues Revealed   2.Somehow an Empty Tomb Equals a Positive Thing? (vid)   3.Fundamentalist God disproved   4.Miracles and Historical Method (vid)   5.Bible Absurdities (pose these to Fundies!)   6.Gullibility& credulity – World in the Gospels Times 
  2. ♦ Jesus Christ   1.ΔNazareth- The Town that Theology Built (vid)  2.ΔNailing Jesus – The Man Who Never Was (vid)   3.ΔEmpty Tomb Story Historicity   4.CRichard Carrier: The Historicity of Jesus (vid)  5.Why I Don’t Buy the Resurrection Story   6.Contemporary Jesus Corroboration  7.ΔThe Historical Evidence For Jesus  8.No Historical Evidence for Jesus  9.ΔThe Myth of the Historical Jesus

  3. ♦ God is Imaginary (videos from the site)    1.The bible is REPULSIVE! (Vid)  2.The Illusion of Prayer (vid)  3.Prayer is only Superstition (vid)  4.How we Know Christians are Delusional (vid)  5. Jesus is Imaginary (vid)  6.Why Nobody can Get Into Heaven (vid)   7.Proving that Gods Plan is Impossible (vid) 
  1. ♦ General Resources   1.Why I Am Not a Christian ~R Carrier   2.The End of Pascal’s Wager: Only Nontheists Go to Heaven   3. Deductive Logic and the Claim of TAG   4.The Gap in Ontological, Cosmological, & Teleological Arguments    4.Carl Sagan Debunks Creationism (vid)    5.A Bug in WLC Kalam Cosmological Argument  6.Δ Ten Things Wrong with Cosmological Creationism    7.The Design Delusion   8.Several Problems with Heaven
  1. ♦ Definition Links ♦  1. ★ΔScientific Hypothesis, Theory, Law Definitions
  2. ♦ Evolution    1.ΔHuman Evolution – Made Easy (vid)   2.ΔEvolution (vid)   3.ΔA Clever Way to Explain Evolution   4.Evolution as fact & Theory   5.Chromosome proof of Evolution (vid)  6.Refuting Design with Evolution Examples   7.ΔHow Evolution Works (vid series)   8.ΔMacroevolution: Examples and Evidence   9.29+ Evidences for MacroEvolution (technical)  10.Δ♥★TOP 10 Myths About Evolution (blog) 11.Richard Dawkins demonstrates laryngeal nerve of the giraffe
  3. ♦ Abiogenesis    1.Lies & Probability of Abiogenesis Calculations   2.The Origin of Life   3.Origins of Life – Made Easy (vid)   4.Δ♥★The Origin of Life – Abiogenesis  /
  4. ♦ Cosmology    1.ΔHawking  removes god from every fallacious proof (vid)   2.ΔLawrence Krauss explains how something can come from nothing (vid)   3.ΔA quick Something From Nothing Video (vid)   4.ΔHow Something Comes From Nothing     5.ΔDismantling a  Divine Big Bang (interesting)   6.Δ Our Finely Tuned Universe (vid) 7.Δ1st and 2nd laws of Thermodynamics- Not proof of God
  5. ♦ Scientific Method ♦   1.ΔThe Scientific Method Made Easy (vid)  /
  6. ♦ Irreducible Complexity ♦   1.ΔIrreducible Complexity (bacterial flagellum) debunked
  7. ♦ Age & Authentication ♦    1.Δ♥★The Story (age) of the Earth Made Easy (vid)   2.Δ♥★Carbon Dating Doesn’t Work- DEBUNKED (vid)   3.ΔHow are the ages of the Earth and universe calculated?   4.ΔShroud of Turin
  1. ♦ Morality    1.Morality Requires God … or Does It?   2.Is Atheism Consistent With Morality?    3.Sam Harris Stinging rebuttal in the God debate (vid)   4.Sam Harris destroys Catholicism & its believers as Immoral (vid) 
  2. ♦ Evil God    1.ΔGod admits his evil nature   2.Jesus Christ, Psychopath 
  3. ♦ Great Flood    1.Bible Noah’s Flood Debunked (vid)  2.Noah’s Flood debunked (vid Part 2)   3.Dawkins Debunks Noahs Ark (vid)   4.Δ100 Categories of Evidence Against Noahs Flood  5.ΔMath of the Great Flood  
  1. ♦ General Topics ♦   1.Qur’an Science & Cosmology   2.ΔScientific Miracles   3.Quran Scripture Debunked   4.Sam Harris on Islamic Fundamentals ~ Why is it Taboo to notice the Problem of Islam? (vid)   5.Barbarism and no clue about civil soceity (vid)  6.Δ 7. Hundreds of Questions to ask a Muslim

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