Meaning of the Campaign Name “Atheist Paper Route”


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The Atheist Paper Route might initially denote Atheists walking around delivering newspapers, but this isn’t terribly far from what is intended.  It’s actually more like distributing all types of information papers than news, but they will no doubt still inform.  The multi-meaning word, “route” is indeed supposed to be versatile.  (Definition of ROUTE)   In particular “an established or selected course of travel or action”  indicates the sending of the atheist message out, via the paper method.

Additionally, (and maybe its just me) it give the impression of a back to basics and grass roots effort.  It implies we should each have our own Atheist Paper Route to spread the good news of atheism!

I am aware of potential concerns with not selecting Humanist or Secularist over Atheist, but the reasoning for atheism tends to encompass the other two, while indicating the likely participants.  The name is not meant to exclude anyone who dislikes the label of atheism, but I had to start somewhere.  Of course the title is subject to change according to the needs of the campaign’s future.




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