Name : VALI God of wrongdoing
Location : Scandinavia NORSE son of Loki

Name : LAETITIA Goddess of joy and happiness
Location : Italy and Roman Europe

Name : BUDDHA God of Wisdom
Location : India

Name : ALLAH Supreme being
Area or people : Worldwide — Muslim
Islam – Religion of peace

Name : YAHWEH God of everything created and good
Area or people : Hebrew, Judaism

JESUS (Joshua) The Son of God, the Messiah

Name : THOR God of War and Thunder
Location : Scandinavia

SATAN / LUCIFER The Devil, all-round Evil Genius and official adversary of God

Name : VENUS Greek Goddess of Love
Location : Italy and Roman Europe

Name : ZEUS Greek God of the Sky & big BOOMY Lightning
Location : Ancient Greece – Rules Mount Olympus

Name : HERA Mrs Zeus, Goddess of Marriage & Birth and the Queen of the Gods

BAAL, Storm God of War known as the Cloud Monster

HH scroll copy Hells Herald line art copy


HH scroll copy Proof

A message for you regarding the baselessness of your God beliefs. You’re welcome. ~HH //#Atheism http://t.co/8zauE08bmf


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