Equal Rights Activists and Debaters

Contact them for advice, information, or ask them to help in a debate!

  • Gaytheist ‏@TelfordAtheist I have a passion for equality and anti-theism.
  • The Flying Piranha ‏@Bufo6190  Equal rights, Same sex marriage Debater.
  • His Babes ‏@BMahadoBitch I’m a gay marriage advocate & have a whole folder full of articles & information bookmarked.
  • MadMatt ‏@mattrohrbacher I support equal rights and marriage equality and also like to debate.

One thought on “Equal Rights Activists and Debaters

  1. Simple question regarding “Equal Rights” – Where did the concept of equal rights come from?

    Nietche: said it came from Christianity – It comes from the concept of all souls before God.

    Richard Rorty – It comes from the biblical concept that we are all equal before God. He said “I realize in the Darwinian view there is no basis for human rights. Because in the struggle for existence the strong win and the weak are left behind. Where do I get the concept of equal rights? I’m happy to reach over and borrow it from our Judeo Christian heritage.” He called himself a “free-loading atheist”.

    John Grey – “Darwin has shown us that we are animals, so the idea of freedom will does not com from science, its origins are in religion, and not just any religion, but the Christian faith that atheists love to rail against.”

    There are elements of a Christian world view that are so compelling & so appealing that even non-Christians keep trying to claim them. Atheists want to steal them from Christianity and insert them into their secular world view because they simply cannot do without them. Question – If you had to give up the concept of equal rights to “be true” to the atheist world view, could you do it?

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