Download Printable Atheist Pamphlets, Fliers and “Tracts”

Have you heard about the Atheist Paper Route campaign?  We are assembling a collection of atheist pamphlets and fliers while promoting various methods & purposes regarding their use & distribution.  If you have ideas or content contact us here.  For suggestions on what content to create, click here.

Note: All intellectual works represented here are considered copyrighted © by the noted authors.

ATH paper rouute old gold

Great For Religious Book Inserts:

By Authors and Bloggers:

Atheistic Messages in Disguise:          (To help support this site, please consider a merchandise purchase, HERE )

Collage horiz copy A Variety for Promoting Atheism and Directly Opposing Religion:

 (To help support this site, please consider a merchandise purchase, HERE )

More to come… please submit your Paper Tweets at they can be word type files or Pic files.

7 thoughts on “Download Printable Atheist Pamphlets, Fliers and “Tracts”

  1. Not a fan of the fake twenty dollar bills. Ray Comfort’s church pulls the same tactics, along with believers who use them to “tip” waiters & waitresses who rely on tips to live.

  2. i see you have a lot of tracts that refute the Christian faith only and I was under the impressions that atheists reject all notions of religion and don’t believe there is a God. So what I am asking is where are the tracts that a geared towards people of the faiths of Islam, Buddhism , Judaism, Hinduism etc? Why only the Christian faith? Why not go against all faiths. Why do atheist go only against the Christian faith and the bible, why not the Quran? I’m assuming atheists only reject Jesus Christ then and believe in other gods because I never see an atheist go against any other religion. If I’m not correct and atheist go against all religions and the idea of a God then I ask why not publish material against all the religions to pass out. The majority of people in the world are Muslim now so your missing a huge percentage of people.
    Just food for thought.

    • It’s probably just because Christianity is the dominant religion in your country. Plus Muslims and Hindus tend to have either very high or very low concentrations in countries: most are concentrated in the Middle East or India, while outside that area the percentage drops sharply. One thing Christianity has going for it is that has spread all over and many countries have a medium percentage of Christians. Probably due to Christianity’s lack of a strong attachment to any one race or nation.

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