How To Do It… (Leave Religion Behind)

A loss of faith can leave someone feeling very confused, as ideas once relied upon are no longer there to provide the support they once did. Letting go of a belief in a deity is very much like losing a family member or going through a break-up. Temporary depression is common.

Where do you go from here? What is your next step? This page is a good place to start.<<~Atheism FAQ for the Newly Deconverted

The important thing is to never stop learning. Always continue seeking knowledge. The more knowledge you gain, the stronger your foundation becomes. There is a universe of knowledge to dive into, and you may find that digesting that knowledge will come easier with spiritual beliefs not interfering.

Reddit provides sub-communities for ex-christiansex-muslimsex-mormons, and ex-adventists to interact with others and get their bearings. TheGreatProject is where a lot of deconversion stories are told. (via

~Here is a respectful Christian in a series of videos explaining, from a believers point of view, his de-conversion.

Heres the link to the 22 video series above

How I Gave Up Religion (another story… much shorter)


New atheists or agnostics will sometimes find themselves in a difficult, if not dangerous, position, usually in the form of aggressive disagreement with family members and friends. This can result in becoming ostracized, homeless, or even worse.

If you are in direct danger of your physical well-being, you should stop reading this page and immediately contact your local law enforcement. In such a situation, it may be useful to record such conversations with family or friends, though you should check local laws. Here is a quick overview of recording law.

If you are not in direct danger, but you do need some assistance, there may be people available to help in your area. Note: This assistance is available even if you aren’t an atheist.

Consider contacting any family or friends that you think might be willing to help you.  (via

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