Sac and the Strawman Debate

ATTN Sacerdotus… Rosa Rubicondior (who reveals your long term dishonesty HERE) never agreed to your Easter 2015 debate changes. This is a fact. What happened was you never agreed to Rosa’s terms and then set up a STRAWMAN DEBATE, which was your venue and rules, 100% without Rosa’s agreement.  You then promoted this event as agreed upon by both parties. A CLEAR LIE.  Obviously you were afraid to face Rosa and, like a child, had to manufacture the only debate in which you could ever defeat her… a fake one.  Pure cowardice.

As anyone can review here around 2/3 of the way down the thread, Rosa issued a formal debate offer with FULL DETAILS and you immediately changed the venue WITHOUT Rosa’s agreement.  You also never agreed to the rest of her parameters, rules or content.  You, like a demanding 4 year old, insisted that Rosa HAD accomodated you, even making a self narrated video STATING THAT SHE AGREED!?  The video “evidence” never shows Rosa’s agreement despite you claiming it does…  An OUTRIGHT LIE.

So you posted that the debate was arranged and agreed upon and you predicted that Rosa would back out.  BACK OUT OF WHAT you lying turd?  She never agreed to your FAKE & DISHONESTLY arranged changes or venue.  Now that Easter had come and gone you victoriously post claims that Rosa has run away from debate again, when all you’ve done is create a type of STRAWMAN DEBATE!  You pretended that YOUR venue and rules for debate were actually what was taking place. Your dishonesty and despicable behavior, just to make some folks believe that you are winning or are an intellectial, is absolutely mind blowing!

Clearly you are not one to be trusted with things that require integrity. Its a good thing that there are people like Rosa who challenge such childishly dishonest, religious folks as yourself.

*For anyone wanting details of Sac’s recent antics I suggest or if you want to see warnings about Sac:

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