Challenging Sacerdotus to a Debate

*See status updates below*

*** NOTE CHANGE BELOW per 11-29-14: To accommodate @SCDTVS’s claimed religious restrictions about being forbidden to use webcams.***

On 11/26/14, I am hereby challenging the twitter user @SCDTVS (Sacerdotus /Michael) to a debate. It will be held on his blog, under his standard listed rules. I will choose one of his supplied 3 preferred debate topics. This gives the distinct advantage to Sacerdotus.

However, to first “clear the air” each debater’s first 2 turns (before Michael’s debate rules officially take effect) will be set aside for any apologies regarding personal misbehaviors during our past online interactions, specifically between Michael and myself.

The only acceptable method for @SCDTVS to accept or reject this debate, is for him to post a video of himself speaking directly to the camera, with his face well lit and unobscurred, saying “I Michael, aka Sacerdotus, accept (or do not accept) the debate offer by Artie aka @freeatheism“. He must also show a valid government issue photo ID, clearly to the camera, to verify he is indeed Michael responding to the debate offer. Michael may cover up his address, last name and ID number, but the ID must otherwise be unobscured enough to verify it as a valid ID. Michael must then post (and leave posted) the video link on twitter, mentioning @freeatheism in the tweet.

***UPDATE (To accommodate @SCDTVS’s religious restrictions): Due to Mr Jeff T. Follon’s in-depth involvement, knowledge and communication with @SCDTVS, he may hereby video accept my debate offer as detailed above on Michael’s behalf. Jeff’s Government issue ID should be presented instead, but with his full name displayed as he lists. His acceptance declaration in the video should state “I Jeff T. Follon, aka @CatholicGadfly, accept on behalf of Sacerdotus (or do not accept) the debate offer by Artie aka @freeatheism.” This accommodation is MORE THAN FAIR as it will let @SCDTVS continue to avoid any & all video appearances, as his fearful excuses demonstrate.***

No other means of communication or media, beyond the above described process, will be considered a valid response to this offer, because only the above method addresses this particular debate offer. @SCDTVS has noted many times that he is willing to video debate live, but his schedule made it impossible. This video acceptance CLEARLY accomodates his schedule, so any video related excuse will be rejected. (***See above extra special accommodations for @scdtvs due to his ongoing excuses***) Further, any excuses given for not responding or for not responding appropriately will only be rejected and interpreted as indicated below.

Failing to accept or not accept the debate (and civilly clearing the air) precisely in the above manner will be interpretted as Michael personally indicating:
1. that he is scared to debate me on his preferred venue.
2. that he is running from a theistic debate where he would clearly hold the advantage.
3. that he is unwilling to be civil enough to even hear (or offer any) apologies regarding past behavior.

*Timeline & Disclaimer: At this time the offer stands until the end of 2014. Any method by which I choose to commuicate this offer to @SCDTVS is to be considered valid and any excuses or counter offers by @SCDTVS or involved parties will not be considered and will be referred back to the above 3 interpretations. I reserve the right to rescind this offer at any time for any reason. Since I made the offer, any reason I give for altering or rescinding the offer is the official reason and no other explanation need be made or may be concluded.

**If @catholicgadfly acknowledges the offer exists, it will be hence forth known that @SCDTVS knows of the debate due to clear evidence that he & @SCDTVS are the same person:

DEC 1ST: I figured BY NOW Sac would have made an acceptance video, but no, his mouthpiece acct Gadfly has just made more excuses. I cant offer any more advantages for him than above. 1 conclusion; SAC IS SCARED.

Nov 29 2014: @CatholicGadfly may now video accept on behalf of Sacerdotus, but we all know there will be new excuses to accommodate Michael’s fear of debate. I also offered to debate Gadfly >

Nov 28 2014: Another day where Sac’s sock puppet accts are busy with defaming and libeling respected folks. No response to my more than generous debate offer. He is clearly scared.

Nov 27 2014: Gadfly has acknowledged the offer and immediately started making excuses for Sac(k) despite him being the same person. Something about future priests (non priests) can’t use web cams. That excuse is as pathetic as it gets. He is simply and plainly scared to debate.

Nov 26 2014: Both @SCDTVS & @Catholicgadfly have been well informed for 24hrs on twitter via @ mentions and retweets linking back to my generous debate offer. Not even a single mention of the offer from either of Sac’s accounts. I’ve no doubt he is aftaid to debate.

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