Defining Godhole, Godholing & Godholey

godhole(s) (noun).  1. An embodiment of nonsensical dogmatic beliefs, which bypasses or replaces logic, reason or evidence.

godhole (verb).  1. To create a godhole by rejecting or replacing reason & evidence, while accepting dogmatic beliefs instead.  2. Influencing the establishment or expansion of another person’s a godhole. (Ex: Indoctrinators, apologists, preachers)  3. Actively promoting or suggesting that a given godhole is true and justified. (Also: godholing, godholed)

godholer(s) (noun). 1. A person, place or thing who/which is actively godholing. -Examples: Indocrinators, apologist books, holy scripture, a preacher, church or billboard.

godholey (adjective). 1. Describing a person, place or thing which maintains active godholing. -Examples: an indoctrinator, apologist book, holy scripture, a preacher, church or billboard. 2. Describing a person who has an established godhole. (Also; godholier, godholiest)

(Note: godhole may appear like “asshole”, but that is NOT the intended meaning.)

(I’ve been using #godhole on twitter with the hashtag #)

* There is an Urban Dictionary version of Godhole, but my usage only vaguely fits with that usage.  It refers to either a type of a direct insult, …or peoples’ spiritual emptiness which calls for god to fill.*

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