The Why of “The Atheist Way” Posts

The Atheist Way list is not a set of rules, requirements, suggestions or best practices, but rather a list of freedoms and tendencies we atheists often embrace. It’s a purposeful highlighting of common traits typically associated with the atheist position, while often missing from theistic mindsets.

I bother creating such a list for two reasons:

1. Many of us can agree, such atheistic strengths, methods and freedoms are worth being proud of. Many times we personally have fought a world of theistic conditioning and peer pressures to finally escape unreason, bigotry & narrow mindedness. Even for the life long atheists, religion can easily be recognized as delusional, harmful and worth avoiding. The “Atheist Way”, in a sense, is like a celebration of our freethought, choices and freedoms.

2. Related to this, my reasoning extends over to the theistic side of the fence. Religious folks frequently aren’t even aware of our many freedoms, moralities and methods or are conditioned to think badly of them. By pointing them out as more appropriate and even desireable, believers may start realizing how their beliefs are restrictive, innapropriate and obviously lacking.

* * *

So, no I’m not defining a dogma or suggesting that atheists need to fit into a special “Atheist Way” mold. Instead I’m a proud atheist observing and noting our strengths, tendencies and freedoms. All “Atheist Ways” I list are certainly not equal or necessarily common, but the intent as mentioned above still applies. I hope this addresses any questions or objections you might have. Please feel free to engage me on this topic further if you like.

Thanks, Artie … @FreeAtheism on twitter

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