Ideas, Methods & Purpose for Atheist Paper Route

Have you heard about the Atheist Paper Route campaign We are assembling a collection of atheist pamphlets and fliers while promoting various methods & purposes regarding their use & distribution.  If you have ideas or content contact us here.  For suggestions on what content to create, click here.ATHEIST paper route script blank narrow

Our online Atheistic world is logical, formidable and far reaching, but the average theist avoids or misses our efforts.  Its time to stick it to ‘em in the real world!  Literally, lets celebrate and praise atheism on paper (or other related media) and place our words before the eyes of the ignorant. (*** See Bottom)  Let’s find clever ways and locations to convey a message of our pride, freedoms, facts, arguments and celebrated community.  Let’s tell those potential or hiding Atheists that they’re not alone!  Hopefully your mind is racing with possibilities…  (Go HERE for Provided Printable Content)   or make your own:

defending trifold pic

Undercover Atheist Flier

What form they can take?  Anything you can imagine!

  • Fliers of all shapes and sizes
  • Post it notes
  • Simple folded Booklets or cards
  • Hang tags and ornaments
  • Book marks or magazine inserts
  • Bright colored stickers or slyly hidden clear labels
  • Business cards leading to specially designed web sites
  • Discover-able notes
  • Child type drawings…  be creative!
  • An entire brilliant, printed blog post
  • A letter to public figures and leaders  (mailing campaign per @crispysea)

What should they say?  Anything you like really.

  • Its hard to beat staying positive and celebratory to drive the idea of a desirable Atheistic community.
  • I do however provide the messages in disguise here.  “Theistic” handouts citing uncomfortable dogma.
  • Your online social site contact info > for seeking skeptics on the fence or curious/ angry theists.
  • Certainly counter the popular lies about atheists.
  • Personally I enjoy pointing out atheist freedoms and benefits.
  • Suggest why the atheist is justified and Invite theists to become atheists.
  • I would avoid outright insults… it would only confirm what they’ve heard.

Why would we impose like this?  There are many good reasons to start disturbing people with their very own absurd beliefs or endearing them with ideas of Atheistic freedoms, community and celebration.

  • Because we can do it anonymously… and we’re not doing it now!
  • Its a matter of balance in everyday life.  Believers need to be reminded of their impositions upon others.
  • Their shit is everywhere! Its time to get tactical and push back.
  • It could make people think, come seek out Atheistic support & change lives for the better.

Who should be our “readers”?  Imagine all the indoctrinated people who need a 1st dose of Reality!

  • In the closet Atheists who NEED friends and community!  Help them find your and/ or atheist communities.
  • A Bible illiterate, happy christian teenager who happens upon a ‘Perfect Word of God‘ booklet, revealing God’s truly immoral commands and how atheists are free from such nonsense.
  •  The driver of a car sporting a crucifix on the mirror… finding a windshield flier, referring to the good news of atheism!
  • The shoppers at the market or store could read about how saving their worldly goods, keeps them from heaven, but atheists live their life now!
  • The patrons of Bigoted, theistic establishments might find some Atheist celebration fliers in the bathroom stalls.

Where should we start placing them?  Shift some of your tactical thinking to your community by considering all places where theistic minds feel safe in their ignorance.

Collage horiz copy

  • Think one establishment over from your destination and place a few clear sticker labels, reminding of Atheist Community Pride!
  • Send via your postal service to government officials!   (mass mailing campaign per @crispysea)
  • Gas pumps could use some one liner atheist quotes on mini post-it notes!  (remember they have cameras)
  • Libraries always need creative bookmarks in the religious section.
  • Seafood places (lev 11) and known Bigoted establishments deserve consideration.
  • Christian stores would enjoy some (slyly placed) professional standing quote cards to supplement their idols
  • Waiting rooms with magazines in need of skeptical bookmarks.
  • School / gym lockers have convenient slots like suggestion boxes… give suggestions.

How are we going to get them to read the items?  There need not be billboards or massive investments, just printers, paper, clever ideas and willing Atheists.  It has a lot to do with where they are discovered.

  • My favorite: Grab some free religious fliers, modify them with clever argument labels/stickers and re-place them!
  • Inspiring atheist quotes could reach the ignorant with a sticker on a shopping cart.
  • ‘Old Bible for sale’ fliers with YOUR email or web site… get them to go online and inquire.
  • ‘Offering Insights about God’ business cards with a reasons to be skeptical listed.
  • A folded piece of fake paper money with a note on the inside Inviting them to Atheism.
  • A handmade bible quote book that starts gloriously and ends with skepticism and atheism.
  • Notes displayed in a food store seafood section, noting shellfish and the word of god, Lev 11.
  • Found child type drawings, depicting a biblical event with “My Daddy could never be as mean and angry as god, He’s an atheist”

When should all this happen?  Start now! Get some simple ideas, make a collection, start testing your creativity and most importantly, CARRY THEM WITH YOU!  Opportunities are everywhere.  (Go HERE for Provided Printable Content)

*** Keep in mind I would certainly suggest being as respectful as possible, but be as daring as your convictions dictate.  Also, BE SAFE and don’t put yourself at risk.  There are many safe, clever, and /or legitimate ways to accomplish this.

Please, if you like, report back to or @freeAtheism on twitter, with your created fliers and pics of your efforts, so any results and ideas can be shared!

2 thoughts on “Ideas, Methods & Purpose for Atheist Paper Route

  1. We must take notes from “The satanic temple” as well as the church of satan because these are our atheist brothers but just with a mythology of sorts. We should also draw in the feminist pro choice activists because they have experience with this. We must not only target all schools but also preschools and daycare centers.

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