What Would The Godless Spellchecker do?

If you are like 40,000+ other people, the @GSpellchecker is a delight to watch.  Otherwise your experience with him will be a headache, because you just posted an absurd statement or claim, with the typical misspelling AthIEst instead of AthEIst.  I would LOVE to be able to emulate his technique and ability, but I cant seem to grasp the zone he is in.

He interacts by Behavior rules: (as noted in a his recent “Atheist Tolerance” response post)

  • “Never being abusive, hostile or assuming to know what someone else believes.”
  • “Never tell anyone they haven’t the right to believe what they want to believe”
  • “Deal with the actual statements put forward~ do this as calmly as possible and in a civil manner”
  • “Responses …often take the form of glaring ignorance, foul language/abuse/hostility/threats. I have never responded in kind.  I simply don’t need to.”

His general Method as also stated:

  • ~I frequently pose my responses as questions, in order to avoid being presumptuous.
  • ~I make sure I deal with the actual statements put forward, whether they are made to me specifically or to the “Twitterverse” in general.
  • ~pointing out logical fallacies, or citing sources to address failures to understand established scientific concepts or terminology.
  • ~(Ref: Glaring ignorance, foul language/abuse/hostility/threats)  Once someone decides to engage in that way, they lose any and all credibility, and I chalk it off as a victory. #AnotherSatisfiedCustomer.

More specific interaction methods:

  • As is obvious, scripture is the “claim” and not the proof of anything
  • Some logical and historical statements in a direct, yet civil manner (control of Religion)
  • Deny theist emotiona/other Claims of you (deflection) and redirect back to logic at hand
  • Historical facts discrediting religion (ex: Bible is bronze age myth, authored by semi-literate desert dweller) are not a source of intolerance when cited, just fact to counter scripture
  • Counter argument from ignorance with brief pic or site focused on definitions or why things are facts.
  • If you stick to requiring evidence, claims of arrogance and intolerance are easily reflected back on them
  • Stick to their ignorant comment, so their claim that you are intolerant can be corrected as only responding to their ignorant public comment
  • 1. Silly Baseless scripture which may insult others = #things the godly say

Noting Our Justifications:

  • Athiest who tweeted me ur hostile towards it cuz u know its true!” + Perspective: http://twitpic.com/celp6e  #athEIst
  • Just because youre athiest doesnt mean you can disrespect others beliefs” + Exactly. Other reasons will do too. #athEIst
  • both anti-clerical and anti-religious, and pro-atheism” + Again. In accordance to which atheistic doctrine? #Citation
  • being athiest is starting to be a trend” + Logic and reason is so in right now. #athEIst
  • I’ve grown dismayed over the elitism of some #atheist s” +What’s elitist about disagreeing that we already have all the answers?


  • And same sex ‘realtionships’ can never be a marriage. #1man1woman + Where do you assume this ‘standard’ of marriage from?
  • someone tells me they’re an athiest I cringe/start getting bad vibes from them” + It’s called ‘bigotry’. #athEIst

Definitions and Clarification of fact:

  • Inaccurate. An #athEIst does not claim “no god”. They simply don’t believe. Agnosticism broadly means “I don’t know”.
  • evolution is a theory, what’s the difference?” + Evidence. Lots and lots of shiny evidence. http://twitpic.com/ceimct 
  • Is the Easter story predated by another religion/festival?” + Indeed 🙂 http://twitpic.com/cehwsd 
  • no athiests in the foxholes” + Say hello (& perhaps ‘sorry brave military #athEIsts‘) http://twitpic.com/cehe5g 
  • Why do athiest always take shots at Christianity? What about Muslims? Or Buddhist?” + http://twitpic.com/cegh3l  #athEIst
  • Yet you support the Big Bang…but cannot prove it happened. It’s all theory my man” + Oh Tony. http://twitpic.com/casyoa 
  • now give me your EVIDENCE that there is no God” + Burden of proof is yours. http://twitpic.com/ceb96p  #Logic
  • A lot of our disagreement seems to stem from you inventing the definitions of words. Faith = belief without evidence.
  • The athiest believes God exists” + Incorrect. ‘Words’ mean ‘things’. Learn ‘them’. #athEIst “
  • no. Science cannot explain moral law” + Why not? Does morality not pertain to the wellbeing of conscious beings?

Spellcheckers Personal Philosophies:

  • I’m happy to see you think it’s OK for people do believe in their life choice, so long as it’s not hurting anyone else.  //  That’s something I live by.
  • Do you converse with scientologists, or just the mainstream whack jobs?  // Anyone who takes to Twitter to tweet me or misspell atheist with anti-atheist ignorance. Any group qualifies
  • When did I criticise you personally? I’ve dealt only with the statements you’ve made. #Dishonesty @nightynouse
  • I’m being perfectly clear and honest. If you can’t support what you say, this has no reflection on me.
  • experience with #athiests is that the attack with hatred, name calling & sarcasm” +#athEIsts http://twitpic.com/caxlqw
  • No, I’d say I was all three. Atheist as I don’t believe in gods, agnostic as I don’t claim to know, and I’m anti-religion.

Ending Contact and Conversations:

Shown to Be Silly or in Error by Fallacy or Comparison:

  • your one of those ‘everyones an idiot’ athiests. Science doesnt deny a higher power” + Nor does it ‘deny’ fairies. #athEIsts
  • any real athiest that believes evolution would love to play this game with me” + Play what? ‘Ignore the facts’? #athEIst
  • no logic to all came from nothing” + Then who designed the designer? #Logic
  • Design of all around us requires designer” + Where is design observed? If there was a designer, they’d be incompetent.
  • creation itself means there must be a creator” + Circular logic. First provide evidence supporting ‘creation’.
  • You can’t deduce that there is a God from absence of an explanation. This was my point
  • How do you explain to an athiest you do have proof” + Present your accompanying Nobel prize.
  • Atheism is belief system which informs a way of life” +So your non-belief in Thor is a belief system informing your way of life?
  • Doesn’t disprove it either. That’s the point” + Doesn’t disprove Goblins either, so terrible point.
  • Where did the ball of matter come from which preceded the Big Bang? I’lll wait” + Not knowing = proof of God? #Think

Simple Shortsightedness or Comparison Makes Them Look Foolish:

  • Dont preach to an athiest” + Or anyone. It’s catastrophically tedious. #athEIst
  • SUCK IT ATHIESTS! http://instagram.com/p/XRXRGbuAJL/ ” +Though this logic indicates absence of a brain,I assure you we can see them. #athEIsts
  • Lol wow an athiest tweeted me” + Yet God never writes, he never calls… #athEIst
  • The existence of an athiest proves God exists – Lecrae” + As my lack of belief in unicorns proves they exist. #athEIst
  • go read John 3:16 & tell me about those words. #God‘s #love #accept #it” + Read Psalms 137:9 and get back to me.
  • But can #Athiest B Ethical? #Christian” + Prison statistics seem to indicate more so than Christians. #athEIst
  • the judgement will come! I pity u” + He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice…
  • Most Athiest are attention seekers. I respect the genuine ones though” + With our hymns, funny hats & huge buildings? #athEIst
  • i respect athiesm but if you’re closed minded about it and you think our soul does nothing for eternity” +What soul? #athEIsm
  • I am a Christian. And i know what it takes to get to heaven. You obviously dont know” +Yes I do. I’ve read the Qur’an. Thoughts?
  • So i reply to all these athiest and none of them reply. Ok” + Must be like talking to God. #athEIst
  • The majority of these atheists/marxists on twitter only have a handful of followers. Enough said” + Like Jesus?

Willful Ignorance of What They Are Doing and Saying:

  • Another literal homo sapien who misses metaphors” + It’s funny how it only becomes metaphorical when contradicted.
  • What I don’t understand about athiest is why religion bothers them so much” + Then you don’t understand religion. #athEIst
  • resurrection no…serpents, perhaps” + Explain how the equally ludicrous claim of resurrection is to be taken literally.
  • 2600 years ago Bible professed earth was round. Long after, people still thought it flat” + It’s spherical…
  • If you need help, talk to God. I dont care if you are athiest or something” + Which God? http://Godchecker.com  #athEIst
  • If every man on earth were Athiest it still wouldn’t diminish the Glory of God…” + Or Allah, Zeus, Odin, Thor…#athEIst
  • athiest:When you already decided there wasn’t a God, you became bias” + Most #athEIsts started out as believers. #Think

Dealing With Rehashed, Insulting or Nonsense Phrases:


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