Welcome Believers of God Myths!

Greetings, I have difficult news for you; You already agree that your god doesn’t exist.  Let me explain. Don’t worry its fairly simple.

meeting-of-myths-barbara-walkerLet’s start with how your god can be demonstrated, detected or discerned.  Most believers cite prophecies, miracles, answered prayers and divine experiences as being affects of the divine.  This is merely a claim, not a demonstration.  Any valid demonstration would involve the causer recreating the event in person.  No matter how directly or quickly a prayer seems to be answered, even if it’s only repeatable by using God’s name, nothing is showing us what is actually causing the event.  Even if such events did happen (and they don’t), all you’re doing is labeling it with your favorite myth and not demonstrating the event’s cause. The fact remains that your god belongs on the huge list of indemonstrable myths, right next to unicorns, faeries, advanced aliens and all the other gods.

Now please be honest and put into words how you view those other unverifiable examples, like unicorns and faeries. More than likely, you confidently feel justified in saying “they do not exist”.  So to be fair and consistent, all other equally unverified myths also “do not exist”.  Please Think on that a moment.  Is your mind trying to qualify how your favorite myth, your god, is somehow more evidenced than faeries?  You’d be the first to do so.

I realize you might fall back on having faith that God is real or maybe feeling God in your heart, or perhaps unexplained personal experiences, but none of that is evidence of your myth, any more than the others.  Any such basis for belief has the same flaw as before; the experience doesn’t demonstrate the cause you claim it does.  Your conviction that it’s only evidence of your god, reveals how you were conditioned to perceive such things, instead of questioning the validity of ridiculously biased claims.  Actually, the only conclusion to honestly make is if a personal, creator-god exists, it uses methods and powers which are indistinguishable from nature and has left itself utterly indiscernible.  Experiences, miracles and writings, etc, simply cannot be evidentially linked to such a being, so ultimately your god has the same detectable qualities as all those other myths, which simply don’t exist.  Going forward, feel free to believe in gods, faeries and unicorns as needed for imaginary friends, but don’t insult your reasonable neighbors by insisting that any of your favorite myths are more real than the others.  Thanks.

Considering all this, ask yourself the big questions:  “Did somebody show you real evidence of God in order to convince you to believe?  Or does your god myth rightfully belong with other gods, unicorns and faeries and you’ve just been convinced to believe otherwise?”

Other Challenges you may have and some responses:

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5 thoughts on “Welcome Believers of God Myths!

  1. I believe god is real, maybe you do not but I do he has changed my life, I love him. I can’t prove to you anything, god can prove hisself how can you dismiss, if you may have never opened your self up to maybe seeing if he is real. I’ve been challenged to come and read these sites, and look at other alternatives by a few different people, since I started twitter, and I’ve read all with out being dismissive, or with a I’m right your wrong attitude. Now I challenge you to simply say god show me your real, let me feel you. what’s it gonna hurt, if as you say he don’t exist. It doesn’t have to be at church, or in front of minister, just you and god one on one lets see if you try.

    • Been there, done that. Nothing happened. Life went on as before, sometimes good, sometimes not so much.

      You set your god belief up so “he” can’t lose: you attribute all good things to him and ignore, excuse, or dismiss the bad. Worse yet, you’re not allowed to take credit for your own successes – after all, god did it – but all blame for failure rests with you, because let’s face it, if god were with you, you *couldn’t* fail, right?

      What a horrible indoctrination. I’m sorry people you trusted broke you like that.

  2. Birth of Gods

    The prehistoric people faced several challenges, and weather was the biggest one. Favourable season provided them with food, water and comfort; during bad weather, they faced the scarcity of the same. Climatologists have discovered that the earth witnessed the last Ice Age between 30,000 and 10,000 years ago; people had largely inadequate protection against that extreme cold weather. They spent their nights in the natural caves or huts made of bamboos, wild grasses, bones or skins. Scientists have found that humans invented leathers to wear and footwear in this period. Hunger, fear of wild animals and winter nights were the prime challenges for the people of the Ice Age.

    Web: http://bit.ly/2fxZRj2

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