Talk to Atheists About Parenting


(updated last in 2013)

~ @GammaAtheist on Twitter / /  I have a 5 year old daughter.  Teaching her to question everything and to be curious in space and science.  Also helping closet atheists or atheists in general. I firmly believe in everyone helping everyone, helping in building this community and organizing for a better future.

~ Artie Petro @FreeAtheism  on Twitter.   I have a 4 year old and have engaged in Logic, reason and even fallacy practice/ games with him.  Talk to me. We can find an answer, or other people with further insight.

~ Amplified Atheist @AmpAtheist on Twitter.   I have a 5 and 7 y/o.  I have said to my kids to “Question everything!” …and they do. I respect a child’s intelligence enough not to indoctrinate them!

~ Jinxanna ‏ @Jinxanna on Twitter.  As a secular parent I find it incredibly important to reinforce free thinking in all aspects of life.  #PositiveParenting

~ Aubrey Adrianson @amadrianson on Twitter. I write a blog that often focuses on parenting.  Whenever possible, I try to give tips along with justifications for why secular parents should follow the tip.  Sometimes my children ask me questions that require some research.  If that happens, then I post the answer.
Here is the link to the site itself:
Here is a link to the parenting tab:

2 thoughts on “Talk to Atheists About Parenting

  1. @Erasmus_san on Twitter.
    I am a father of two bright girls. A 13 and 8 year old. I’ve always encouraged them to critically think about any and all truth claims, even coming from their parents, as I’m a firm believer that claims from authority are one of the 4 bad reasons to believe things. Their skepticism makes me proud on a daily basis, as I watch them grow and interact with the world and people around them.

  2. Sounds like you have done a fantastic job raising them! My son is nearly 5… and a girl on the way. When I started explaining the genocide and slavery in the OT to him and the Super Duper powerful Ghosty Loving Father in the sky that commanded it… He stopped me horrified and puzzled… “Stop Daddy… A real Daddy wouldn’t do those things!”… He understands Daddies and love… he debunked God by himself!

    Thanks for visiting… go see the new project
    Later – Artie

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