Stop MYTHing Reality

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Welcome to the “Stop MYTHing Reality” home page!  Have you ever been frustrated by the dishonest or conditioned religious manipulations of reality?  When they emulate the same rehashed fallacy or behavior and you just want wake them up and tell them to STOP MYTHing REALITY!?  Me too!  They “myth up” every aspect of the world and we all know the harm caused by it needs to stop.  So, I’ve designed a series of digital cards (I call it a ‘game’ for impact), which are meant to assist in the critical spreading of truth.  You may use the cards on mass media, blogs, videos or even print them, but please don’t modify the cards or use them for profit.  For requests or changes please contact me, Artie.  Feedback appreciated, thanks.  Go to Celebrate Humanism Blue Award page

Gold = Counter arguments     Red = Behavioral cards,     Green =  Freethinker recognition,     Blue = Pro-atheism/ humanism reasoning and recognition      Myths and Monsters

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