@SCDTVS the liar revealed as @CatholicGadfly

@SCDTVS (sacerdotus) on twitter is an extremely dishonest and manipulative lying catholic tweeter. He recently has proposed a campaign to suspend atheists and humanists who either challenge theists or use atheist related hashtags.  Its strongly evidenced and witnessed that he controls the @CatholicGadfly & @studiousatheist accounts, which he denies. The @CatholicGadfly flatly denies ever using the name @scdtvs but twitter disagrees.  Gadfly’s deviant behavior alone betrays Sac’s identity, but Sac’s own account @scdtvs, shows a history that is very revealing…

An advance search of twitter for acct @SCDTVS from March through April brings up @CatholicGadfly tweets (search here).*UPDATE: 10-9-14 Sac has deleted this 2 months of tweets… so see my screen shot below and the VIDEO of the search working just days ago! http://youtu.be/AZA8LwIk7fE*  Why does it bring up Gadfly? Because the current @CatholicGadfly used to be @scdtvs and that is simply the history of @SCDTVS existing from march through April.  This alone shows that Sacerdotus (with his control of @SCDTVS) also controlled the CatholicGadfly acct.  Being more particular, when we narrow the search from April 17 2014 to April 18 2014 (with key word Sacerdotus) it brings up the tweet below (HERES the search) *UPDATE: Sac has deleted this set of specific tweets … so see screen shot below… and my VIDEO of that special search (same as above) http://youtu.be/AZA8LwIk7fE*.  A note from Sacerdotus: “Thanks to twitter account @scdtvs for tweeting…”  but wait, why would the real Sacerdotus be directing a note to another person (separate from himself) named @SCDTVS when THAT IS Sac’s own personal account now posing as CATHOLICGADFLY?? Well nobody said Sac was very good at keeping track of his lies.  Its extremely clear that the Gadfly account was previously @scdtvs and the person knew that it was.  The only existing @scdtvs at that time was renamed and used as @CatholicGadfly so the message from Sacerdotus was indeed meant for THIS account, which WAS controlled by @SCDTVS who we all know as Sacerdotus.

Do you wonder if the @SCDTVS name is really attached to the Gadfly account or is it just some search glitch that only makes it look like Sacerdotus is running Gadfly?  Try this yourself with an old twit handle you changed from, including the dates when you used that name. You will see your current twit handle be the result, noting the old name you searched for.

Confirming this further, an expanded search for SCDTVS results in Gadfly tweets posting right up to the end of April where it goes no further.  Go check yourself!  Why does it do this?  Because the new @SCDTVS acct was created on May 1st (http://twopcharts.com/howlongontwitter/scdtvs), when its history with Gadfly had to end, to then have its own history again. This one tweet solidifies that Sacerdotus indeed controls the Gadfly account, which has always basically worshiped, praised and promoted Sacerdotus… (himself).

BUT the following tweet in the pic cinches it. In first person “I’m broadcasting live…” with a link to Sacerdotus’ radio show! http://tobtr.com/s/6336797   With the other content already revealed this is simply damning. Only a fool would listen to any Sacerdotus excuses rejecting such evidence. It doesn’t really matter to me that he has multiple accounts, but this evidence shows a sure case of acute dishonesty on an extensive scale!  Thousands of denials about being the same person who runs both accounts, equals THOUSANDS OF LIES and a sickening picture of LONG TERM DECEPTION.

Sacerdotus uses Gadfly to promote & worship himself (and his blog) as well as for spewing lies and profanities. (Even more obsene with Sac’s @StudiousAtheist acct evidenced here: http://rosarubicondior.blogspot.com/2013/05/sacerdotus-mannys-twitter-accounts.html) He has used this self worshiping, alternate account tactic before to conveniently have others come defend or agree with him.  He also proudly uses them to spread lies and misbehave so that he can deny ever being that other lying ass account. My prediction is that Sacerdotus will invent some new unverifiable excuse for this clear evidence and then lash out at others for falling for such silly “conjecture”.  He won’t own up to his lies even when revealed clear as day. He never does.  Much more on the crazy of Sacerdotus here: http://rosarubicondior.blogspot.com/p/sac-bag.html

BTW: Tell Sac we have video of the search leading to the tweet below, showing its not photoshopped, so facing it will look better than hiding it.  UPDATE: 10-9-14 Yes, Sac didnt face it… he tried to hide it… but he failed.  Liar liar pants on fire. ;o)

Screenshot_2014-10-06-07-56-16 search from Ellif

oops Sac left evidence


One thought on “@SCDTVS the liar revealed as @CatholicGadfly

  1. Nice one! And all because I called his bluff and accepted his challenge to debate before he realised just what a scientific proof is exactly. The Catholic Church must be so proud of him… or not. A Dunning-Kruger Gold Medal candidate if ever there was one.

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