A Review of Sacerdotus the Person

The following is an honest as possible review of Sacerdotus/ @SCDTVS on twitter by those who have experienced him. These are to be first hand accounts and impressions.   Due to clear evidence that @Catholicgadfly & @StudiousAtheist are also run by Sac, reviews may be submitted for those and/or his other past accounts as well. Please keep it to a couple paragraphs, or link to a longer similar blog/ or evidence. To leave a Sac review, submit to blog comments below. Please consider leaving your name or online handle, for credibility sake. Thanks!

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12 thoughts on “A Review of Sacerdotus the Person

  1. Sacerdotus ( or sacoshit as I like to call him ) is a dishonest manipulative sociopath. Scumbag would be an understatement for this excrement posing as a human.

  2. The only good thing about Sacky is the work he does discrediting his faith. His extreme dishonesty is only matched by his inability to keep straight which of his several accounts he is supposed to be lying with. The result is an admixture of the absurdly obvious and the dangerously deranged, as he flip-flops between desperate attempts to disavow his identity and equally frantic threats of legal action and false police reports, admissions of trolling and faux-pious posturing, challenging others to debates (often while *conveniently* neglecting to notify the person being challenged!) and frenzied attempts to set unworkable conditions for his would-be opponents (followed, of course, by more claims that no one DARES to debate him.)

    It is truly difficult to tell where his deliberate lies end and his madcap delusions begin. I wonder if he himself even knows.

      • Thank you crazy Manny/ Sacerdotus for leaving a very telling shit stain on my page. Your impersonation of Rosa is a clear sign of your dishonest obsessions and mental issues. Thank you for proving us all right.

      • Oh dear, Manuel! Having to pretend to be me to ride piggy-back on my popularity again, eh? Was here something you didn’t understand when I tried to tell you the best way to gain respect is to write interesting blogs that people want to read, not just impersonating people who do that,

  3. @SCDTVS/ Sac is no doubt a narcissist, as his other account @CatholicGadfly awkwardly hero worships, promotes, defends and even speaks for his primary account as if it were a separate person! This:
    https://freeatheism.org/sacs-oops/ and many other evidences & witnesses irrefutably link the 2 accounts. Even though many know and have proven this, Sac childishly lies, denies, manipulates and has continued like its not true, for a LONG time. THAT is Sac; a self worshiping, self important, self endorsing, manipulative liar, entirely out for his own interests… every single day” ~Artie, @FreeAtheism

  4. The man -and I use that term loosely- known as Manuel de Dios Agosta is a very disturbed individual. After being exposed numerous times, he still is unable to see that he has been called out. Once, an advanced twitter search specifically on the name “sacerdotus” revealed only tweets by Catholicgadfly. Of course, his immediate response was to delete his twitter history; because it’s more prudent to destroy evidence than to admit you’re wrong.

    A good way to call him out is to call @scdtvs “Manny”. The response will, without fail, always come from @Catholicgadfly 😉

    Kees, @KeesEngels

  5. I first encountered ScrotumSac a year or so ago and have since argued with him under numerous of his alter-egos. His use of sock-puppets is priodigious. He uses these both to big himself up and even to stage arguments with himself – in which of course the great mind of the mighty Sock always prevails.
    Naturally he denies these masquerades but fails to realise that his style and phraseology always gives away the subterfuge.
    Another common feature is his self-aggrandising display of qualifications which he may or may not have, as in his current ostentatious display of a purported MA degree (in what we do not know!). He used to claim to be a trainee priest, later a distinguished theologian (as if that would impress anyone!) and is now apparently waiting appointment to a professorial chair (again we do not know where or in what specialism).
    Saconuts is also distinguished by his paranoid delusions of persecution, constantly defending himself from attack by RosaRubicondior, an atheist blogger whom the sad Sack successfully drove away from Twitter by successfully mounting an exclusion campaign using his network of alternative personae. In the process of this he managed to get himself banned too but has since resurfaced in the person of various doppelgänger a, principally CatholicGadfly.
    To summarise, he is pretty much a textbook example of a paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur – a suitable case for treatment!

  6. As requested by blog owner, my Twitlonger in comment form:

    Sacerdoucheus, errr…I mean Sacerdotus, is a low grade internet troll.

    My one encounter with this supposed human came after I wrote a Tweet criticizing the Catholic Church for hiding child-rapists. Apparently this deeply hurt the delicate and precious fee-fees of Sacrescrotus, err…I mean Sacerdotus.
    I then found myself making the error of corresponding with this condescending douchecanoe who kept repeating the words “my friend, my friend” like a robotic Rain Man amidst veiled threats of getting me banned from social media and some overt nonsensical bullshit threats of slander lawsuits because I said some meanies about his religion.

    I’ve seen many a troll on Twitter, some annoying, some brilliant. Sacerscatus…errr, I mean Sacerdotus, was merely repetitive, boring and pedantic. I would not engage again unless I was suffering from insomnia and lacked sleeping pills.

    I give him a score of 2/10.

  7. I was (am?) number five on Sacodonuts block list.

    I managed to achieve this in a relatively simple manner. I will try to engage theists in a simple conversation, leading them up a path of my choosing before hitting with questions, the answers for which they cannot give, having already painted themselves into a “smug” corner without realising it.

    Having engaged him in conversation on abortion/miscarriage and the soul, which evidently Sacodonuts believes we have from the instant of conception. The trap was set.

    Unwittingly, he had opened a can of worms for me. (I love doing that to theists. So confident in their belief they never stop to consider consequences). I then asked what knowledge would a zygote take to heaven. No reply. I asked how a zygote might be recognised by a mother when she went to heaven. No reply. I continued asking a few more questions in that vein, and, Hey Presto!, I was suspended.

    As witnessed by many who saw what happened with Rosa, he is plagued by a sensitivity which his god appears unable to cope with. Having recognised that he is a total fruitcake, when reinstated by Twitter I blocked him and each of his other alter-ego’s that have since appeared. It was fun while it lasted.

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