RTC Guide: How To Submit and Use Content

Submitting Content:

  1. Go to the page containing the claim you will be responding to, via the RTC Guide Home Page
  2. Submit your response in comments, at the bottom of that page and be sure to conclude your entry with “VERBATIM OK” if you are acknowledging that its ok for users to simply copy and paste your phrasing.  Submissions will later be organized onto the claim page itself.  * Keep in mind that many refutations and responses may be posted on twitter or limited media, so be concise and use links.  Additionally, the shorter and/or more effective responses will ultimately appear higher on the page.
  3. If your submissions can’t be completed in the comments, then it is acceptable to email me at FreeAtheism@gmail.com making sure to include: 1. The Claim  2. Your response  3. “verbatim ok” & 4. The Name to be listed with the response.
  4. Note:  Not all responses will be used.

Suggestions For RTC Guide Usage:

  • Its always encouraged to rephrase the responses you find (even if just a little), so to convey the sentiment in your own way.  Yes sometimes a grab and go answer will be all you can manage and that will have to be acceptable to submitters over time.  However, some submissions will be presented with a *V*, indicating that the following response may be used verbatim, per the submitter.

Go to the RTC Guide Home Page

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