Reason Cards


Introducing a new type of ‘tool’, The Reason Cards.  Yes, they’re FREE to use, to create upon and present your own ideas! (but not for profit please as they are under ©2014-2015)  The concept is to tie together a variety of Freethinking imagery and thoughts with a common feature, the canvas. These strategically blank frames are a catalyst for imagination, while creating a graphically unifying connection across the community. I credit @ironatheist in the Free Atheism Design Group for inspiring the thinking which led me to the The Reason Cards. (Sporting marble features… a material which disproves a young earth all by itself!)  I only ask that you not manipulate the layout or website text on the cards, but go wild with changing hues, negative colors, embossing tools and of course your imagination’s limit on how you use pics and text.  If you desire a modification, please ask me @FreeAtheismNow, go download some cards and be creatively inspired!  (click to open the full size images, then download) … ps- I suggest using the grey for Theists.

Godless Spellchecker You-Endorsing-Harm-copy 1367411737003 1367512185211 Ricky Gervais quote 1367499764139 Ticket to the afterlife 1367520530139 1367497258285 1367418904060 1367421072813 1367416854290 be strong in the lord Atheism and Theism recipeMy Recent Favorite>1367428796550Reason Card BLk-WHT TALL OPEN 1 Reason Card BLk-WHT TALL top pic ASH-Wipe CARDS>>Ashwipe blue frame Ashwipe gold frame Ashwipe red frame<< ASH Reason Card Sky BL-Ylw_red side by side Reason Card BLk-WHT side by side Reason Card Sky YELLOW side by side Reason Card Sky orange side by side Reason Card Sky PINK side by side copy>THEIST CARDS>>Reason Card THEIST PROFILE CARD grey2 SAMPLE Reason Card THEIST PROFILE CARD grey Prophecy YEC copy Prophecy YEC copy2 THEIST CARD NARROW Reason Card THEIST PROFILE CARD grey-red tint <<THEIST CARDS<         Reason Card Top Red 1 Reason Card Top Red WIDE Blocks Reason Card Top Red WIDE Reason Card Center Red TALL Reason Card Center Red1 Reason Card Top Red TALL Reason Card Red TALL OPEN Reason-Card-TEXT-block-Bloody red Reason-Card-TEXT-block-Red- Reason Card side wide Red Reason Card side wide Wild Red Reason Card Sky Red side by side  Reason Card Center wild red TALL   Reason Card Top Purple WIDE Reason Card Top Purple WIDE Blocks Reason Card Center Purple TALL Reason Card Center Purple 1 Reason Card Top Purple TALL Reason Card Top Purple 1 Reason Card Purple TALL OPEN Reason Card side wide PurpleReason Card side wide pink purp Reason Card Sky Pale Purple side by side copy Reason Card Center wild purple TALLReason Card Top Green WIDE Reason Card Center GreenTALL Reason Card Center Green1 Reason Card Top Green WIDE Blocks Reason Card Top Green TALL Reason Card Top Green 1 Reason Card Green TALL OPEN Reason Card side wide Green Reason Card Center wild green TALL Reason-Card-TEXT-block-forest green Reason-Card-TEXT-block-bright green Reason Card Sky moss green side by side copy Reason Card Top Gold WIDE Reason Card Top Gold 1 Reason Card Center Gold TALL Reason Card Center Gold1 Reason Card Top Gold WIDE Blocks Reason Card Top Gold TALL Reason Card Gold TALL OPEN  Reason Card side wide Gold Reason-Card-TEXT-block-Yellow Gold Reason-Card-TEXT-block-Gold slab Reason Card Center wild gold TALL Reason Card Sky teal side by sideReason Card side wide Wild Blue Reason Card side wide Wild Blue 2 Reason Card Center wild blue TALL 1>Reason Card Top Blue WIDE Blocks  2>Reason Card Top Blue TALL 3>Reason Card Center Blue TALL 4>Reason Card Top Blue WIDE 5>Reason Card Top Blue 1 6>Reason Card Center Blue1 7>Reason Card side wide Blue 8>Reason Card Blue TALL OPEN 9>Reason-Card-TEXT-block-Blue Reason-Card-TEXT-block-Chill blue

  1. Top pic WIDE Blocks -Photo Area left 900px by 900px or right 763px x 900px  
  2. Top pic TALL – Photo Area 1256px by 1256px 
  3. Center pic TALL – Photo area 1345px by 1345px
  4. Top pic WIDE – Photo area 1825px by 905px
  5. Top pic normal – Photo area 1345px by 905px 
  6. Center pic normal – Photo area 1345w by 840h px
  7. Side by Side Left pic -Photo Area left 900px by 900px
  8. Blue TALL OPEN -Small banner area  1256px by 328px
  9. TEXT block (For lots of text) – Narrow, wide banner 1825px by 280px

Note: All graphics on this site are copyrighted ©2014-2015. Where noted, graphics may be shared and used freely, but never altered without permission by administrators.  This page of reason cards graphics may be altered, but the included text must remain.

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