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Submit your: Common theist debate topics/ arguments and your refutations!

  • Posted on April 20, 2013 by Free Atheism: Freethinkers & Their ResourcesPlease reply/comment below with common theist debate topics/ arguments and your solid refutation of what you listed. (With links and references if you like)  Keep it short and awesome.  NOTE: It is highly desirable to have multiple responses/ refutations to the same argument! I will compile a page for theists to be sent to, used by atheists both in that capacity and for learning how others respond effectively as well.  (Please share this post for best results, thanks)  Questions/ comments concerning this process? > contact @freeatheism on twitter.  Now… ponder, refute and compose. Go! …”  Read More
“UPDATED / ongoing notes for below Atheist Responses Project”
Designing The Best Atheist Responses
  • Have you ever wanted to be the uncanny marksman, hitting a bulls-eye with almost every tweet, like @gspellchecker?  Or maybe display an apparent endless intellect, like @rosarubicondior?  Or wouldn’t you love to constantly reveal amazing, helpful insights, like 957Chatterton?  How about demonstrating the debate skills of @askegg?  Sure!  We all take time to watch these stars shine! We emulate them, use their insights and stand on their shoulders to debunk the common theistic perception of reality… as best we can…”  Read More

We Play “Prove It” to Practice Critical Thinking

  • “A few days ago, I introduced my 4 1/2 year old son to his first actual god concept.  Yes, I accurately laid out the invisible magic man in the sky belief, including hell and killing nonbelievers, but he was readily skeptical.  Why?  For over a year I’ve been introducing him to examples of logic, deductive reasoning, skepticism and of course logical fallacies.  We had developed a game called “Prove It“…”  Read More

Your Shameful God Beliefs  Send Theists Here!  ~Reposted 3-14-13

  • “Not one shred of evidence has remotely distinguished your god from a state of non-existence, yet you love and worship him.  More importantly, have you even read your holy book in its entirety?…”  Read More

“Free Atheist Challenge: Hand Deliver Some “Paper Tweets”

  • “Our online Atheistic world is logical, formidable and far reaching, but the average theist need not tweet, post or even bother to look at digital reasoning.  Its time to stick it to ‘em in the real world!  Literally, lets put those horrid God quotes on paper and stick the words before the eyes of the ignorant… “  Read More
  • Download Printable Atheist Pamphlets, Fliers and “Tracts”

More to come… please submit your Paper Tweets at  they can be PDF , word type files or Pic files.

2 thoughts on “My Blogs and Challenges


    Indoctrinated v. fill (a person’s mind) with particular ideas or doctrines.

    Indoctrinated with what exactly? Religious content is subjectless. it’s just a bunch of stories muddled together into one ‘volume’ of yore/non-lore.

    Religion is an emotional response to the world – and a fictitious character – if we say to a kid – you’ll get a bunch of sweets if you follow me – get the trip.

    Religious ‘indoctrination’ or inculcation of completely the wrong answer is both manipulative and selfish. Richard Dawkins has called it child abuse. Too harsh? did you ever hear any stories of atheist parents indoctrinating their children with science? You can’t indoctrinate someone with the right answer… religious content as plain information of how the world works is totally inaccurate. More’s the point – the answers of science change everyday – religious content hasn’t changed for 6,000 years…. science is always updating itself… so the information given will change accordingly… so it’s not possible to indoctrinate someone with information and ideas – that have not yet happened. Tomorrow is a whole new world. Religion’s base information is fictional, money making lies, and nonsense, aimed at gullible, frightened children who don’t know any better.


    You can’t choose the facts. They don’t choose you either. They are totally independent of any self-representation. My subjective interpretation of them is a separate matter. You can’t be indoctrinated with something which is not a belief. Science is not a belief system. The answers of science and reason and logic are non-indoctrinatable – they are ever changing. People who are allowed to think for themselves will decide for themselves – based on the evidence presented. Another reason why atheists are not indoctrinated. The third reason is that atheists would never have any intention of indoctrination. Religion is notorious for such a deceptive manipulation. Those intentions are vital to the argument, but not entirely central. I would say, the information itself that is planted into those children’s minds and the emotional state they later have is more to the point.

    Fourthly, no real, concrete evidence is or ever has been presented from religion, nor ever will be. When atheists say religious have been ‘indoctrinated’ they mean that the content of the religious information has been given to them day, on day, on day, for a very long time. Something they wrongly learnt in school or had at home.. forced on them. You can’t force science on anyone – the answer might be different tomorrow..

    Fifth reason is that science is method. how can you indoctrinate a testable method? that later requires the co-operation of others – who may tell you: you are wrong, So you have to start over. Religion, doesn’t have that option. The information is always the same, same, same.


    The answers to the terminal questions we keep asking ourselves are pertinent and plausible. The answers are not exclusive to religion or science. How the later information is used, and horribly manipulated by religion is why atheists are forced to be so aggressive against them. They started it..atheism will finish it. no indoctrination required… religious exists because of indoctrination.

    Their claims are absurd, unprovable, untestable and unjustifiable. Unless of course you indoctrinate someone and hold a psychological gun to their heads, and force them to blindly follow. A new definition of Indoctrination then – information given by force, which the recipient may later dismiss and never have wanted to begin with – usually done without them realising – because they were too young to think critically.

    Religious indoctrination and inculcation with emotionally based, conscience defying guilt trips, psychological, emotional blackmail and manipulation are placed into the minds of children as early as possible, because they have no power of critical thinking. Most atheists come to the real answers and conclusions at a much older age. No atheists has ever used those answers to manipulate or indoctrinate anyone. That is the sole possession of religion and one of the main reasons why atheists are so against its cruel, absurd and odious machine.

    There’s five or six reasons here, there are probably a lot more…


    North Wales, UK.

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