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I’ve done it, I’ve agreed to help promote and consult on designs for a fun product called Jamberry Nail wraps.  A high quality, vinyl, heat and pressure sealed nail wrap that lasts for weeks at a fraction of the cost of a salon visit” is the official line.

My wifes friend (also a nonbeliever) found this product when trying to save money and time with an infant around. She loved it so much that she became an independent consultant.  She explained it to my wife like this… “Jamberry nail wraps are a fast, easy alternative to polish.  They are chemical free, won’t damage your nails & have no dry time.  Safe for kids & pets …yes, you can put them on your dog!”   Honestly my wife just loves the nail art that averages out to a few dollars per manicure.

There are over 300 designs and styles including custom wraps, and yes THESE CAN BE DESIGNED WITH ATHEISTIC OR HUMANISTIC DESIGNS!  YAY!… so as a graphic designer I will happily be consulting with her on all custom work. Yes, custom nail wraps cost a bit more, but each application still costs notably less than any salon art.  Email her with ideas and questions through the site below.

Her site to browse and purchase:  malayna.jamberrynails.net

*The Jamberry company doesn’t currently ship or take orders overseas, but email Malayna to arrange order and shipping through her.

How to apply your Jamberry Nails, traditional method  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x085eJ5yx8

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