#DoubtCross Graphics

The basic idea of mixing a cross and a question mark was introduced to me on twitter recently and it struck a chord.  Even by itself it conveys the message of doubting faith, but as you’ll see, I’ve included space for memes for you to use!  USAGE: The #DoubtCross icon is copyrighted, but is made for certain public usage as follows…  These may be used to add quotes or thoughts for virtual images only, as shared in email, mass media or web pages… but credit to FreeAtheism.org must be visible.  Video usage for now requires permission from myself, Artie Petro.  The #doubtcross should not be used for any personal or commercial products or merchandise other than what I make available. Please contact me for questions or requests. Thanks.  Enjoy!   Click HERE to view created #DoubtCross memes.

bible doubts meme blank copy Church doubt copy  Cross on hill copy crosses cemetery doubt copy gold tile w shadow copy  Church steeple w doubtcross copy1 bible doubts copyGraveyard doubt copyStonework w shadow copy  Stonework PAGAN w shadow copyPopes doubtcross copy


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