Multiple copyright violations are harassment

I’ve been recently taunted and provoked by another user misusing my copyrighted graphics, not responding to my demands to delete them and then continuing to repost, steal and illegally modify further graphics! This user @scdtvs and his alternate account @CatholicGadfly are well know to be the same user as the suspended @Sacerdotus.  An advanced search from March and April revealed that the current Gadfly account was revealed to have originally been @scdtvs.  Then on May 1st @scdtvs created a new account.  When faced with these fact, he made excuses until he could erase Gadly’s history.  This was expected, so I took a video of the searches working only days before.  That is posted here as an instructional video:   I point out his alternate account because it is part of the abuse.  All graphics below are copyrighted and clearly state on the websites of origin that they either may not be used at all or may not be altered if shared.  Every one of these is a taunt, because I oppose both accounts dishonesty and manipulation.  These were an attempt to provoke me into sending him some angry tweets so he can claim harassment when taken out of context.  I did send twitter a copyright violation report recently, but nothing yet has been done.  I’m tired of this blatant harassment and him not listening to my demands to cease this activity.  Please suspend this person, because he clearly doesnt care for your rules and my rights.

July 25 sac  july violation

sept 16th , my retweet. logo taken from heroes site  Stolen ASH

gadfly oct 5th heroes   sac 10-5-2014

oct 8th Chains of atheism  oct 8th chains

0ct 9th  newest Logo violation

logo by sac

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