Comic Blanks

Here is the first set of Comic Blanks. Click image to see full size, then download. You may:

  1. Manipulate them as you desire (including adding text, images, modifying the character as you like, modify the background, modify colors… all imagined changes are fine), but please leave the crediting text intact or replace it with if you had to crop it off.
  2. You may not use them for profit.
  3. (If you like) Send them back to @freeAtheism on twitter so I can see your creativity with them. I would love to see them, thanks!

*Disclaimer: Any changes to the Comic Blanks, by comic blank users, are not the responsibility or opinion of this web site creator.

Standing guy copyStanding guy RT copy Joe blessing copy Standing guy posterStanding guy tall poster copy TIMESSQUARE-3-articleLarge copy Joe on evolution Joe with west bap copy muslim Middle-eastern-man-2-bubble Middle-eastern-man-big-capt Man-on-computer-tomb2 Man-on-computer-tomb2--Athe garage-copy2 In-Church2Disaster2 dirty-apt2  sidewalk2 street-corner2 padded-room-bed2 psdded-room2   vatican-2

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