Celebrate Humanism Awards

If you are here, your insights are valued in one respect or another.  Welcome!  This is my latest endeavor… The Celebrate Humanism Awards.  I’ve done plenty to tear down religion and honestly it’s tiresome to be mostly known for the negative.  Sure there’s a positive aspect to it all (fighting the harms of religion), but there is another way to get there too;  by recognizing and celebrating the efforts and achievements of the great and small alike.  Humanism pretty much touches all aspects of what we (a wide variety of nonbelievers) do or at least our efforts often contribute to humanism.

So look at the sample graphic award below (yes it will just be an image of a medal and not a real medal).  It resembles the humanism icon/ figure a little, with its arms up, but just a little.  Yup I’m well aware that a star can be a religious symbol, but what isn’t religious?  Should we use some obscure shape because it’s not currently religious? No.  In my opinion a star is fine to use, especially if we are secularizing it and disregarding religion anyway.  To me the star is secular already, but I’m prepared to hear comments on it.

Purpose:  With different colored awards for different purposes, I hope to recognize many “stars” of Humanism as being from atheism, science, charity, human rights, peace, kindness, conveying the messages and so forth (this is not a working list yet). On the sample below I would replace the word “science” with specific alternate designated categories.  Why issue these awards at all?  Because we believe our rewards are in this life and not some other life, so why not start recognizing sincere and wonderful humanists by the humanists?  The point is to do this without some silly faith based dogma and more importantly to create yet another carrot to dangle before the flock.

How:  The graphic below is a sample of what would be awarded by *some* group of voting organizers.  The top of the page would be adorned with some descriptive text designating the group or individual being recognized, along with the details of their efforts or achievements.  I hope there to be not just different categories, but different levels, as in a version reserved for famous humanists and another for more everyday recognition.

Hopes:  Maybe, just maybe, this kind of effort will play on notions of unity for the so many individuals who feel alone in their non-belief.  Further, this positive effort might help shine a kinder light on the non-believing community as a whole.

Think about all of it, what it entails, any ideas, comments and let me know what you think.  Thanks!  @FreeAtheism on twitter or email at FreeAtheism@gmail.com

UPDATE:  (9-30-14)  The 1st image is more recent, updated and refined.  1. All its hard angles were rounded  2. the gold rim was change to look more substantial  3. The 3 words of text became a highlight color.  … The shape and rim changes seem to make it look more like a real object or at least more substantial and believable somehow.  The highlight text gives it some needed life in my opinion.

Celebrate Humanism Blue Award revised

Celebrate Humanism Blue Award sml rose






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