Celebrate Humanism Blue Award

Welcome to the Celebrate Humanism Blue Award page!  This award is for you (the individual or group) to recognize Humanistically outstanding peers and organizations.  This award/ certificate is not for every humanist, but if you have someone in mind, please use a high standard to evaluate them.  At the very least make sure the potential recipient meets your personal definition of Impressive and Inspiring Humanistic efforts and/or achievement.  Your candidate doesn’t have to be perfect, but please do consider the Blue award a high honor among peers.  Feel free to contact me if your wish to qualify your reasoning or to get another opinion on your candidate.  Upon choosing to send this image to your recipient, Please insert the recipient’s name (or online handle) before presenting the award and also prepare to send them a summary of their achievements, which qualified them for the blue award.  I will be happy to list your recipient on this page (though not required), if you would please send me a short paragraph about their efforts.  BTW. Yes it’s perfectly okay for your recipient to receive multiple Blue awards… they will take it as a sign of support.  Back to  SMR Home    Back to SMR Green recognition cards

Why do this?  Because with humanist activism it’s easy to let others put themselves out there and be a beacon (and target) and then we follow their lead.  Those beacons among us absolutely deserve recognition and support.  Hopefully, in feeling appreciated and celebrated, they will be inspired to expand their efforts in the future.

Celebrating HUMANISM blue  AWARD copy

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