Billboards and Signs!

Have you seen the Billboard Pics?  Feel free have a look, enjoy and share.   ©2014-2015 Graphics may not be altered without permission. Thanks. Cropping to fit another media location is fine, but please leave the image web site,, visible.  Thanks. ~Artie   p.s.- feel free to grab any of the tweetable phrases below for quick reposting!

“Yes we are everywhere” #atheism #god #jesus #Allah #Humanism

Atheists in NYC copy9

* * *

“A loving Father wouldn’t make a #hell for his children. It’s that simple. #Atheism” //#god #jesus

A loving father copy2

*  *  *

“Religious Faith is pretending…” // #atheism #atheist #humanism #god

Religious Faith Billboard

* * *

“WARNING: Someone you know has recently succumbed to unfettered skepticism & compassion…” // #atheism

Warning copy6

* * *

“When Honesty and Integrity meet your god myth. #Atheism” // …#jesus #Allah..

Beautiful atheist light pole copy6

* * *

“Miracles Visions Voices Prophecies & Answered Prayers… Have all been…”

Visions sunset copy2

* * *

“….Would you allow all this suffering?” #atheism… #god #jesus #Allah

making all the rues copy

* * *

“Because not once has the answer turned out to be magic. Ever.” //  #Atheism ..//

Science not magic copy

More to come!

©2014-2015 Graphics may not be altered without permission. Thanks.

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