Atheist Patches: Fliers and Stickers

If you haven’t seen our full size Atheist Patches, for individual postings and creative reuse, go back to the main page.  Share & be creative with these bookmark fliers and stickers!  Obviously the images below may be shared digitally as well.  (Print the page of stickers on the Avery label template 5264 or 8161. Office Max has a version too)  You can put them on, in, over, around and throughout anything you deem appropriate, however this site and the patch creators are not responsible for any inappropriately placed items.  The graphics here may not be used for profit. ©2014-2015  Shared Atheist Patches graphics may not be altered without permission.

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3 pages of warning stickers!  Click to open the PDF & download: >>>  Page1-Xtian    Page2-Xtian    Page3-Islam

2 pages of bookmark style fliers for printing!  Click to open the PDF & download: >>>  Warning bookmark multi page 1     Warning bookmark multi page 2 

1WARNING toxic-healing-silence bookmark 1caution peace-blasphemy-drawing bookmark2 1WARNING slavery-stoning-hell bookmark 1WARNING Jihad-apostate-pedo bookmark 1Caution priest-healing-pedo bookmark Religion is poison Card Insert your own quote and warning label.Fill in the blanks!

©2014-2015  Shared Atheist Patches graphics may not be altered without permission.


One thought on “Atheist Patches: Fliers and Stickers

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