New ASH Logo

Here is the (1st set of) approved, new logos for the Atheist Superheroes!  Click on these to open the full image and right click download.  You may use these for T-shirts or any personalized products which are not for profit.  This logo is meant to represent ASH members themselves with said products or on personal sites, so to state that you are representing ASH.  (The multi-pattern design represents all 3 joined groups.)  There are a variety of personalized patterns to be released as well, so contact @freeatheism to get a special ASH pattern done. ©2014-2015 Logo graphics may not be altered without permission. Thanks.  IF you wish to post personal arguments/ opinions or pics under the ASH LOGO you MUST use the alternate > ASH Freethoughts Logo. (link below)

Put the ASH (Atheism, Secularism, Humanism) Logo on your AVI

ASH Banner1 w tagline

fire ASH1a ASH Gold Rim blue text2

ASH Atheist Monument jpgASH Atheist Monument PNG NO shadowGrim Reaper in a fire JPGASH Atheist Monument PNG w shadow1 Heroes of Atheism copy

1a ASH Gold Rim red text2

1a ASH GRB Rim red text2

1a ASH GRB Rim blue text2

ASH Hero Graphics spaghetti monster1a ASH Serenity Gold text2

1a ASH Grey Rim Blue Scales red text2

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