ASH List of Violations Project

Welcome ASH Community (Atheists, Secularists, Humanists)!  This list is for a project which will note common violations of logic & fallacies regarding atheism, also actions & failed arguments against secularism and of course practices, actions, arguments and cited dogma which violates humanistic ideals.  Feel free to add in comments your common & shortly worded violations, so I can consider them for the final shared product.  You can always email me with ideas as well at

In general the desired phrases are concise statements which the ASH Community might use to point out flawed arguments, actions and moralities.  Any submissions may be combined or modified and will not be credited on the final product, but it will be free to use through this site. Dont worry about submitting duplicates, as your phrase may be the better version.  Thanks for helping out!

* You defend cruelty because it is part of your dogma
* You ignore how promoting baseless faith adds to misuse of faith
* You’ve demonstrated willful ignorance in favor of your god belief
* You insist on imposing your baseless dogma upon others
* you promote and teach your baseless god beliefs as true, despite the harm it may cause
* You think that current mysteries to science indicate that god magic is a likely answer. It doesnt.
* Until dogma is verified as both true and as enforced by god, it is unlawful to cause harm by it.
* You haven’t explained how a genocidal, hellfire torturing being qualifies as loving.
* You claim things you cannot know.
* Your conclusions are based on claims, not facts.

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