A.S.H. Community

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Welcome to the Atheism Secularism Humanism Community Page or ASH Community.  There will be plenty to see and download on this page soon.  Until then, whether you are an atheist or believer in God myths start here to find more resources.

NEW:  Go to the ASH Tags page!

This page will be supplying downloadable, printable icons (for stickers and business cards) which are directly related to each of our personal promotions and actions on behalf of the ASH Community.

Crediting the local atheists, humanist and secularists for their positive efforts is all about creating awareness. Its meant to be seen by atheists and believers alike. The godly folks will both (hopefully) gain a measure of respect for the ASH Community and also be made aware that we are among them. Sure it might stir them up, but it might also spark some interest in being more skeptical about religion. Further, by finding this media, atheists and those on the fence can follow the links to a wide variety of resources and communities.

Please keep any placed media in appropriate places, so not to cause feelings of violation or property issues. *Note: This site is not responsible for media placed by individuals.*

>>Pdf file downloads coming soon.<<ASH community Earth copy crop

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