Let’s Educate Not Indoctrinate

Anti-indoctrination pic

Welcome!  Lets make a difference and save some lives.

The Free Atheism Design Group feels its time to rev up the freethinker machine, to reason our way into the minds of the indoctrinators.  Not simply religious indoctrination, but the whole culture of conditioning and brainwashing, which denies critical thinking, reason and freedom for impressionable minds.  

Please submit hard hitting blogs, pics, printable media, videos, podcasts and websites to assemble here. FreeAtheism@gmail.com or @FreeAtheism on Twitter.

Blogs:   (Firstly focus on the goal above, but all related blogs are welcome!)

Web Links:


Video Links:

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Let’s Educate Not Indoctrinate Campaign https://freeatheism.org/Anti-indoctrination/ … Submit content, Get behind it, Save lives! pic.twitter.com/knJtkOWlbd

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