About Atheist Paper Route

Have you heard about the Atheist Paper Route campaign We are assembling a collection of atheist pamphlets and fliers while promoting various methods & purposes regarding their use & distribution.  If you have ideas or content contact us here.  For suggestions on what content to create, click here.
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What is it?  The Atheist Paper Route is a campaign to spread the idea of atheism, secularism, humanism and related messages, primarily through a network of volunteers distributing paper media.  It is intended to create a presence in everyday theistic lives, when and where they might normally avoid secular, humanistic issues. (Click HERE for an explanation of the campaign name)

Why?  Active promoters of atheism, secularism and humanism generally don’t get to connect with the average believer in his/her everyday life, unless they had ventured online. The paper method (or “route”) is a means to achieve that connection with believers, who never get to see or purposely avoid atheistic influences.

How?  Through the creation and distribution of fliers, pamphlets, letters, inserts, etc via volunteer efforts (click HERE for ideas and methods and purpose). Free downloadable, printable layouts will embody the majority of the choices, while pre-printed versions are for purchase in some cases.  (Click HERE for the current collection from a variety of sites)

Who can be involved?  Any freethinkers are welcome who want to help create, spread, organize or inspire these messages.  Send an email to FreeAtheism@gmail.com and express interest in some part of the process, to submit content or to provide links to more downloadable forms.  By the way, through email you will also be kept in the loop concerning changes and updates in this endeavor.  Don’t worry, you don’t need not contact us at all.  Feel free to download content HERE and start your anonymous, Atheist Paper Route of your own!

Who are the messages directed toward?  Groups or individuals who hold or act upon harmful, disruptive or questionable dogmatic beliefs. Additionally, the campaign is meant to inform our theistic neighbors about the option of atheism and the benefits and facts associated with it.  Some believers have never even been told its okay not to believe!

Where will all this happen?  The organization and creation of this campaign will mostly happen online, but offline collaboratives will surely happen.  Personalized deliveries and placement of paper media will hopefully happen everywhere freethinkers are available to challenge the harmful influences of religion.

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* Imagine a simple flier posted where young Christians will see them. Just a strait forward bit of information explaining that they don’t have to believe in gods. They may never have realized it was an option… until now.*

Fliers, inserts & Pamphlet downloads  //  Ideas, Methods & Purpose  //   Meaning of the Name  //   Contact, Help, Inquire or Submit Content

5 thoughts on “About Atheist Paper Route

  1. I’m a bit skeptical about the Paper Route. It risks being likened to propaganda spreading in much the same way the Christian community spreads their own brand of propaganda. Though, we are aware that it an educational promotion, and not the forcing of our ways onto them, they will not see it that way. Tell me you have a technique for helping them understand that it is all in the name of education, or we are doomed to being ridiculed and labelled hypocrites. I am an ex-Baptist and have a close insight on there mind frame. I just don’t want our Atheism to be at risk of more negative press.

    • I hear you, Ive thought on it. However, twitter interactions, facebook and memes, pics, blogs and videos are effectively the same thing, but in digital format. Granted it could be a double edge blade anytime and anywhere, so it requires some tact and restraint. Its mostly about us effectively expanding into the nondigital world to let people know atheists are everywhere & that they have the choice to not believe if they want. It is just beginning and can certainly be debated about to discern best practices.

  2. I think it’s a great idea! Right wing Christian Republicans hold our “liberal” corporate media in the palms of their hands. With 6 mega-corporations delivering 85% of prime time news (see stopbigmedia.com), this is a very important way to combat that propaganda. It wouldn’t be so bad if Republicans voted on issues in favor of the other 98% but they consistently lean toward corporations, the interests of which are often antithetical to the middle class.

    • I’m all for it, but one thing I would add. When we get their attention what then. ….. where do we send them?

      As a former evangelical pastor, i led many successful outreach events and I can tell you that getting a person’s attention is one thing but turning that attention into a successful outcome requires proper pre planning. …… are we ready with secular groups, meet ups, programs etc to catch these people when they wake up and lose their faith?

      I work with recoveryfromreligion(.)org, tri-cityfreethinkers and am in the first stages of organizing a local Sunday Assembly. Outreach through paper is great and can be effective…… but what is the purpose of we have no endgame strategy.

      Just some thoughts. Please let me know if i can help. Center4reason@Gmail.com

      • Absolutely, this project is meant to pair up with other existing groups. This is certainly a tool to customize and not the goal itself. Im glad there are folksout there like you putting it all together. I realized a missing piece of the puzzle and decided to make it myself. Thanks for your support. Stay in touch.

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