Defining “trump”

I’ve heard some people using the word “trump(ed)” in new and exciting ways, so I’ve decided to record those innovations here.  Below these new trump definitions will be a collection of trump variations, such as trumpster, trumpanzee, etc.  This page is not meant to reflect my own views.  

1.  trump, verb  (Also trumped, trumping)

A.  to cheat or swindle. – The con man trumped the old lady out of her life savings.

B.  to deficate.  –  The frightened man-child just trumped his pants.

2.  trump, noun  (Also trumps)

A.  a manipulative and dishonest person, a pathological liar.  He is just another immoral trump, never opting to tell the truth.



3.  Trumpish, adj 

A.  Something or someone that does, intends to, or is expected to deceive others.
4. trumpster

5. trumpanzee