Sac’s Guide to Arranging Debates & Boosting Blog Clicks

A short excerpt from @Sacerdotus new book, “How to Threaten Your Critics and Get Away With It”

Sac’s Guide to Arranging Debates & Boosting Blog ClicksWhite flag Sac copy

  1. Select a far more intelligent, semi-famous atheist and create a debate proposal for her/him on your blog.
  2. DO NOT INFORM the atheist of the challenge. Instead post over and over on social media “the atheist is afraid to debate me” and remember to link to your blog where the atheist must accept or decline. This will manipulate people into visiting your blog. They will complain and say “That atheist doesn’t even know about your challenge, you immoral twat!” but remember: “More clicks equals more validation!”
  3. When the atheist finally catches wind of the debate through your dishonest, libelous posts, DO NOT acknowledge him directly on social media. Instead talk about the atheist in third person by directing him to the blog to respond. Everyone will laugh at your nonsensical, indirect instructions to the atheist, on a social network, but they will all visit your blog in a buzz of controversy. More clicks!
  4. Continue harassing the atheist with libelous claims of cowardice until he contacts you on your terms. Even if the famous atheist initially declines, still send everyone to your debate page to read how much of a manipulative ass you’ve been, just to get the atheist to acknowledge your offer.
  5. Don’t let it end there! Continue claims of the atheist’s cowardice, but also start new rumors saying that the atheist is a tax fraud, child abuser or other damaging claims, until he comes back to the debate table. BE SURE to blog about these and post them hourly, in order to get more site visits.
  6. When the atheist finally “breaks” and agrees to a live debate (on the condition that you stop all defamation of his good name), tentatively agree and post the hell out of the agreement and your blog, of course. Your site visits per minute should now be off the chart due to the famous atheist finally submitting to your harassment. Yes, feel free to brag, because “More clicks equals more validation”.
  7. When traffic starts to die down, add on some absurd debate requirements like “The debate can only happen on my hangout program and only at 2 in the morning.” The atheist probably won’t agree to the debate after that, but if he threatens to call your bluff, take no chances and continue to insert nonsensical requirements until he rejects your terms.
  8. Now endlessly post “See? The atheist is afraid to debate me!” accompanied by blogs and videos gloating about your victory. Be sure to warp this claim into “All atheists are afraid to debate me!” in blog form, to get as many angry clicks as possible on your site.
  9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 as needed to become more famously respected and to keep your blog clicks high, because “More clicks equals more validation!”

    *        *        *

Debating and confronting Sac is worthless, due to his endless manipulation and deception.  He would rather threaten you with police and legal action or start hurtful rumors about you, before admitting his lies. Indeed it is better to stay away and even block him out of your life.  This post was the result of multiple recent inquiries about Sac and his possible debate with a well-known and respected atheist.