If an Atheist Flier or Pamphlet Brought You Here:

  • IF AN ATHEIST FLIER OR PAMPHLET BROUGHT YOU HERE:      ( Most fliers are found here )
  • and you were upset to find it where you did:  This site is not responsible for how paper media is distributed.  It is ultimately up to the distributor to appropriately place paper media.
  • and you think atheists should respect religions and leave them alone:  You have a short memory.  How much of the religion inspired harm and absurdities do you actually respect?  Your religion doesn’t get a free pass.
  • and you demand the downloadable fliers page to be taken down:  When all religious fliers stop being EVERYWHERE, I will honestly think about it.
  • and you think it’s Satan’s work:  You need a reality check. Your religious faith enables so much harm…. look at thine own self.  click HERE
  • and you’re angry that it made you start to question your beliefs:  Yes it’s like somebody pulling off your hairy bandage; you would rather it just stay on than face the possibly painful reality.
  • and your child had starting asking questions because of it:  How feeble are the “truths” of your religion, that you can show no facts to refute a simple flier?
  • and you feel god and religion was misrepresented:  The fliers are often a general perspective, but more than likely you are just mistaken.  Typically we are atheists because we actually read our holy books and discovered how horrible and ridiculous they were.
  • and you have constructive criticisms or content to submit:  By all means contact me

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