Claim: “We don’t follow the all the laws of the Old Testament, because Jesus died for us.”

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  • *V*-“@tzioneretz:  We don’t follow all the laws of the Old Testament, because Jesus died for us.”
    Firstly, why do we follow ANY of them if “Jesus died for us”? Should not ALL of them have been abrogated by virtue of his death? Secondly, could an alternative explanation not be that we do not follow them because we have become civilized societies since the Bronze Age in which they were devised (such as stoning people for adultery)? We do not follow others because they are inconvenient (sacrificing livestock for various infractions or notable dates) or ridiculous (not wearing clothes made of mixed fabric) or harmful (“assessing” if a suspected adulteress is guilty by having her drink a cocktail of water and dust). Lastly, who selects which indeed are followed and which are not, and on what basis?

*V*-“@FreeAtheism: That’s just a side story. Actually, society has long since deemed the behavior in the OT to be morally reprehensible. Thats why you don’t follow such ideas.”

*V*-“Jesus didnt come to change the law … read your book, without the excuses”

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