Claim: “The Bible is an accurate historical document.”

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Refutation Links and Multimedia: Nazareth- The Town that Theology Built (vid),  Nailing Jesus – The Man Who Never Was (vid) ,
Debater Responses:

  • *V**DNA is far too complex, to develop by chance. Its proof of Design*“@tzioneretz: Many resources exist that demonstrate how many events — including the historicity of “Jesus” — described in the Bible are either not corroborated by independent sources or greatly deviate from them.”
  • *V*-“Allallt– Burden of proof. To demonstrate this claim you need to take extra-Biblical evidence and line it up against Biblical account to see to what extent they corroborate each other.

    The occasional mistake can be put down to misinterpretation of the evidence (I’ll grant that). But mostly being wrong, or being wrong on big things (like Noah’s flood) demonstrates that it is not historically accurate. Balls in your court.”

Common Sense, Using Ridicule and/or Requiring Proof:

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