Claim: “The advanced science knowledge in the Bible, proves divine influence.”

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  • *V*-“@AtheistMel: There is not a single thing written in the bible that you wouldn’t expect Bronze Age goat herders to know.   It contains no science, and contradicts science in many places. For example, it references 4 legged insects- of which none exist. Claims of the age of the earth, the existence of a global flood, and the existence of an original single man and woman have all been debunked by modern science.
  • *V*-“@tzioneretz: There exists not a SINGLE scientific discovery made by virtue of reading/following/interpreting the Bible or the Qur’an.  All such claims were made ex post facto, i.e. discovery made by scientists first, tenuously latching onto a vague verse decades or centuries later.”
  • *V*“Nearly 2600 years ago the Bible professed the earth was round… It’s still wrong… It’s spherical… ” -Unknown

Common Sense, Using Ridicule and/or Requiring Proof:

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