Claim: “People in the time of Jesus were credible and not gullible.”

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Debater Responses:

  • *V*-“@tzioneretz: They were simple and uneducated, without access to what scientific information was available. In any event, not one single person alive at the time “Jesus” was supposedly shooting off miracles left and right made any kind of record of him or his actions.”

Common Sense, Using Ridicule and/or Requiring Proof:

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One thought on “Claim: “People in the time of Jesus were credible and not gullible.”

  1. I have started to look on line for various thoughts on this subject. Most have been thought provoking, which is good. But I am struck by the :inward” thought process. One person says “I was awe struck by the beauty of a leaf.” Another says I am able to go out and do good for the world. FANTSTIC! But I have to admit I am just a little saddened by that as well. The discussions I have read so far seem to imply a solitary action. This does NOT take away from these fantastic concepts. It just seems to limit them to your own personal actions. I suggest these actions can take on even more power in the power of community. There is strength in numbers as it were.
    Now a belief in God can add another dimension to this strength. The beauty of nature becomes a gift from God that not only is awesome, but must be appreciated by sharing resources and cleaning up areas. In this one way we not only appreciate but we are active in our gratitude.

    I guess I am trying to say that I am trying to live a life of gratitude in as many ways as i can.. Gratitude to my fellow man, and gratitude to God. Hopefully my actions will reach some of the ideals expressed in articles I have read. I am certain though, that my ;life will not be looking inward, but outward. And one of those outward pulls will be God.

    And let me say thanks to any who have read my post. I am not trying to change anyone;s views Just want to encourage others as i hope you want to encourage me to live what can be a difficult life at times.

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