Claim: “Jesus was divine, proven by the resurrection, miracles and witnesses in the bible.”

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Debater Responses:

  •  *V*@tzioneretz:There is as much evidence for either “Jesus” or his opus being real as there is for the Little Mermaid, i.e. NONE”
  • *V*-“You believe in a book with this many Contradictions?
  • *V*-“@FreeAtheism: Even if you could show the bible stories happened, were indeed witnessed and that prophecies truly predicted particular events, nothing verifies that anything resembling divinity played any part.”
  • *V*-“@karlmeyer:  No contemporaneous verification so the miracles are valueless. As an edited compilation, prophecies are self referring at best.”
  • *V*-“@atheistedu: Christianity. It’s utter nonsense. It’s time to move on. When you’re ready, you’ll have a friend in me. #atheist
  • “@eighty8uk:  Harry Potter is the word of magic, due to all the spell-casting in it”
  • *V*-“@Abandonfaith:  The miracles and fulfilled prophesies are only written about in the same mythology. Plus other religions make the same claims.”
  • “@SARAH_Global: The miracles & fulfillied prophecies are all imaginery, so that quote debunk itself, words in a book are not its own evidence.”
  • “@MaryWakulik: The prophecies are all ambiguous and people enjoy the mysticism. Also they were interpreted after they happened.”
  • “@DennySmith45: 1. Any “miracles” since science geared up? NT reverse-engineered to “fulfill” prophecies: nearly 200 years after crucifixion.”
  • “@atheistNL62: “Just by repeating this like a mantra, doesn’t make it true. Confirm every miracle and fullfilled prophecy w/ evidence””
  • “@atheistNL62: Due to the many reports of witnesses ….UFO’s and Big Foot exist!”
  • “@Jinxanna: What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.”
  • “@DohMartel: miracles? like the god given light, that can give us cancer and turn us blind?”

Common Sense, Using Ridicule and/or Requiring Proof:
  • “@JimPuniard:  only response.. Bullshit. Prove it.”
  • “@neiljhenry: Hahahahahahahahahaha Name one.”
  • “@DeclanChellar: “Bollocks”.”
  • “@QuasaiLama: My response, “Oh FFS, grow up!””
  • “@Runningatheist: Example please.”
  • “@DavgDavid: Yeah, and I graduated from Hogwarts.”

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