Claim: “Jesus sacrificed himself for you and me, taking away our sins.”

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  1. *v*-“@AtheistMel:  There is no real evidence that event ever occurred, or that Jesus ever even existed.
    My question to you would be why god required a human sacrifice to forgive us? As an all powerful, and apparently all loving god, why would he not simply say “I forgive you”, rather than torturing himself in human form? It is pure and utter nonsense.”
  2. *v*-“Allallt  As a moral person, who believes strongly in justice (as a value), I cannot see the justice in this system of throwing our guilt and our responsibility onto the only innocent person who ever lived, and was murdered, by torture, against his will.”
  3. *v*-“@tzioneretz: Apart from the fact that the historicity of a “Jesus” is highly questionable, I never asked to be “sinful” or for anyone to “sacrifice” him-/herself for me.  Further, if I am “sinful,” then that is the fault of the “god” that “created” me such.”
  4. *V*-“@FreeAtheism: Anyone knowing he would suffer a bit, die and awaken in a few days to rule the universe, didn’t sacrifice anything, did he?”

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