Claim: “God is real because my holy book says so”

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  1. *V*-“@tzioneretz: Logical fallacy: petitio principii.”
  2. *V*-“Allallt:   Which God? You don’t have the only self proclaimed “Holy Book”. Are other “holy books” evidence of other Gods? Of course not.  1. What you are doing is called “begging the question”. You have assumed your God is real, assumed your God has written your book and then based on those two unfounded assumptions you then trust the content of the book.  2.  You can structure the argument differently and get “circular reasoning” out of it, for a bit of variety:  God exists -> This book says God wrote this book -> God wrote this book -> This book says God exists -> God exists (and repeat)
  3. *V*-“@AtheistMel:  The bible, Qu’ran, and any other holy book, are the CLAIMS, not the evidence. Just because something is written in a book in no way lends to its credibility. Without any form of reliable outside verification, this claim has no value.
  4. *V*-“@FreeAtheism: How do you know? Even if there were evidence revealing such a being, you couldn’t verify its intent or nature.

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2 thoughts on “Claim: “God is real because my holy book says so”

  1. As a devoted believer, you sit astounded watching a global televised event as the Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury, Imams and hundreds of other religious leaders acknowledge that all religions are shams, their holy books works of fiction and their Gods purely myths. When you wake the next morning, are you still a good person? VERBATIM OK. @RyeRambler

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