Claim: “The bible is the inspired word of God. Its miracles and fulfilled prophecies prove it”

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Debater Responses:  (no particular order)

  1. *V*-“@Atheistmel:  For a prophecy to be reliable, it must be specific. Any biblical “prophecies” are far too ambiguous to be taken as evidence of anything.  The bible saying that Jesus performed miracles is not proof that those miracles occurred, any more than Lord of the Rings is proof that Hobbits exist. To be taken seriously, the standard of evidence must be much higher than this.
  2. *V*-“@karlmeyer:  No contemporaneous verification so the miracles are valueless. As an edited compilation, prophecies are self referring at best.”
  3. *V*-“@tzioneretz: There is no independent evidence that either “god” or “Jesus” exist now or ever existed in human history; the claim is, therefore, irrelevant.
  4. *V*-“@abandonfaith:  The miracles and fulfilled prophesies are only written about in the same mythology. Plus other religions make the same claims.”
  5. “@SARAH_Global: The miracles & fulfilled prophecies are all imaginary  so that quote debunks itself, words in a book are not its own evidence.”
  6. “@atheistNL62: “Just by repeating this like a mantra, doesn’t make it true. Confirm every miracle and fullfilled prophecy w/ evidence”
  7. “@MaryWakulik: The prophecies were interpreted after they happened.  They’re all ambiguous & people enjoy the mysticism.”
  8. “@DennySmith45: Any “miracles” since science geared up? NT was reverse-engineered to “fulfill” prophecies: nearly 200 years after crucifixion.”
  9. “@DohMartel:  miracles? like the god given light, that can give us cancer and turn us blind?”

Common Sense, Using Ridicule and/or Requiring Proof:

  • “@Jinxanna: What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.”
  • “@JimPuniard: Bullshit. Prove it.”
  • “@eighty8uk:  Harry Potter is the word of magic, due to all the spell-casting in it”
  • “@QuasaiLama: Oh FFS, grow up!”
  • “@DavgDavid: Yeah, and I graduated from Hogwarts.”
  • “@DeclanChellar: “Bollocks”.”
  • “@Runningatheist:  Example please.”

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