God Is Fear

Firstly, I’m not saying I believe any god is real, when I post such a title. Gods are merely myths. I see statements like “God is Good” as being conditioned deception, because its a belief conveyed as factual. In response I am posting what “god” is effectively, actually and measurably to humanity.

When I say ‘God is hate’ or ‘God is fear’, etc., it refers directly to observed issues which have come about due to… 1.The following of unproven gods and their baseless (& often harmful & manipulative) dogma, 2.The improper validation of faith as a proxy for actual divine verification, 3. The cultural and individual behavior of believers, who pretend to know what gods want.

**The alternate use of this format would be in completing a phrase like “If God is real then…”.   This is not to indicate a theistic belief, but to assist the common atheist point… “If your god exists, he’s a prick. Why worship him?”… (among other similar arguments).

Note: There may be multiple ways to interpret any given variation, with any combination of the above usages.  Please ask the author for clarification if this blog post is inadequate.  Anyone may social media post any such “God is ___” phrases accompanied with this clarification blog link.

If the above 1, 2, 3 or ** explanations need expansion or adjustment, please contact @freeatheism to make suggestions.

Noting below a variety of phrases:

God is Fear
God is Hate
God is Insecurity
God is Bigotry
God is Disrespect
God is Harm
God is Narcissism
God is Blind Uncertainty
God is Prolific Evil
God is Deception
God is Destruction
God is Superfluous
God is Cherry Picking
God is Cruelty
God is Genocide
God is Infanticide
God is Preference
God is Arrogance
God is Mistaken
God is Cluelessness
God is our Puppet
God is a Scapegoat
God is Approved Misconduct
God is Vitriol
God is Prison
God is Possessiveness
God is a Herd Mentality
God is Insatiable
God is Captivity
God is Mental Slavery
God Enhances Misery
God enhances, allows, invites, ignites, spreads, breeds & IS Hate. https://freeatheism.org/2013/12/31/god-is-fear/