Your Shameful God Beliefs

Not one shred of evidence has remotely distinguished your god from a state of non-existence, yet you love and worship him.  More importantly, have you even read your holy book in its entirety?  Do you know that you’re endorsing your God’s history of grotesque immorality (Click Links) and unparalleled atrocities against humanity?!  You should be ashamed for worshiping such a monster, or worse, blindly following his repulsive commands!  Even my 4 year old recognizes that a loving father figure doesn’t kill, torture and make slaves of his children!  How ridiculous are your beliefs that a young child can debunk them with a simple insight? Seriously!  You should be ashamed, but you likely just now rationalized it, like everything else.

Answered prayers are promised to us and yet the only verification of them is from biased observations of coincidental events. There are no amputees being healed, no miracle loaves and fishes for 3rd world countries, no ending of disease and no protection from mass murderers, etc.  As an intelligent person, isn’t it irresponsible to favorably reinterpret or ignore such obvious divine failings?  Rationalizing them as God’s plan is shamefully perpetuating bullshit excuses, teaching kids to similarly create lies, instead of accepting reality.

Supposed supernatural claims, if true at all, have zero links to divinity.  Your dreams, visions, voices and feelings only point to causes in your own head, with no magic provider attached.  Its all wishful thinking and subjective feelings.  Every claim of Intelligent Design ever proposed is demonstrably fallacious, while naturalistic causes for the state of our universe are verifiable. Teaching children that divine magic made everything and that scientists are liars, is shameful nonsense!

Unless you’re prepared to go out and kill all non-believers, gays and disobedient children, you already don’t believe the entirety of your belief system and have morally overridden your god. Whenever you take actions based on faith and not reason, you endorse that method as valid. When immoral theists use the same method to justify their atrocities, the obvious lack of validation suddenly isn’t good enough, is it? Unless you stop justifying beliefs on faith, YOU are validating extremist harm and should be ashamed!

If you’re a reasonable person, you probably can recognize that you’ve been rationalizing all my points, to protect your beliefs. These are merely your conditioned excuses, to desparately fill in the gaps where a god is supposed to be. What other failings do you really need to see? A god, whom has no affect on the world, where he reasonably should, is simply a myth like all the rest. If nothing else, isn’t it time to think about the harms you’ve helped to enable and perpetuate?

Before extremists finally walk a nuke into your country, this religious culture which holds faith as an acceptable justification for any action, needs to be rejected. If you can personally do this, every moral, freethinking, reasonable human will be one step closer to saving humanity’s future, right along with you.

Please consider it.

Thanks. ~Artie Petro, @FreeAtheism on Twitter

3 thoughts on “Your Shameful God Beliefs

  1. Well written truth ! If it’s ok with the author I shall print a copy and distribute it to my delusional, religious friends and wait for a reaction. Oh, no ! They beat me up cause their god told them to.

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