How is Atheism Freedom?

Are you, the believer, convinced that “God is plainly real and my holy book / feelings / visions / prayers and even the trees are proof that it’s all true”?  Well, despite your certainty, these examples only claim that “god did it” and don’t debunk every other possibility, including the natural.  For example, have you made an effort to assure the voice or vision isn’t just in your head?  or… Did you refute the possibility that advanced aliens are responsible for everything “divine”?  No, you simply believed the conclusion that was served to you and never bothered to prove it.  This is when rational, free minds conclude that simply choosing “god magic”, is completely unjustified.  However, instead of acting reasonably, the believer is manipulated by conditioning, fear and habit to fall back upon baseless faith.  Consequently, you honestly may not recognize what you’re missing!  You’ve basically been cheated out of your freedoms!  So, to illustrate the bounty I refer too, here’s a sampling of random Atheists shooting from the hip about how Atheism is Freedom:

    • I’m Free to reject gods, free consider the best morality, free to see & accept truths, free to spread reason & free to love this life!~Artie Petro  @FreeAtheism
    • Free to enjoy wonders of universe without fear or guilt.~ BoomTash @ThornburyRocks
    • Being a theist meant that I had to say “God did it.” Being an atheist means that I can say “I don’t know how the universe came to be, we’re still trying to figure that out… and that’s okay. ~@TheAtheistSpark   (Click for her full blog post on freedom )
    • No more programmed fear. I no longer have the oppression of a god who will punish me. My spirit is free to imagine and produce. — Robert Klauka @auldshaman
    • Atheism is freedom for all who believe they are in charge of their destinies & are capable of making an impact on the world.~Atheist Worgen @CriminySTFU
    • #Atheism is #freedom b/c it allows one to act according to conscience w/o worrying how it conflicts with religious tenets.~Atheist Worgen @CriminySTFU
    • #Atheism – making my own choices and taking my own direction.~Ems @emmybtheOT
    • #Atheism – not feeling like you are being eternally supervised and watched over.~Ems @emmybtheOT
    • #Atheism – not being bound by pointless rules which have no rhyme or reason.~Ems @emmybtheOT
    • Theists aren’t free, they’re held captive by their religion.~David Dowdy @daviddowdy01
    • Prisoners who are afraid to leave the prison, even if they are free to leave, are not free. The prison is in their mind. Being trapped in a fixed belief system is like living in a prison, and believing you’re free because you CHOOSE to live there.~ Andrew Graham @AndrewGraham02
    • Atheism is freedom, as it allows the mind to search for answers to great questions, rather than be told them by religion.~ Rob @MrMirth
    • Wisdom isn’t a single fixed belief system – wisdom is being able to question everything, even your own beliefs. Faith is a mind-trap. It biases the mind, and causes the believer to refuse to question his/her own beliefs.~ Andrew Graham @AndrewGraham02
    • Atheism frees me from unwavering, irrational dogma. Atheism frees me to accept what reason and evidence call true or likely.~@AtheistInUtah
    • Free from being forced to adhere & IMPOSE doctrines ( inlc “you are sinner” ) , views of life & compulsory attendance church 🙂 ~‏@expreacher
    • Religion controls people with fear. Atheism removes the fear. Equals freedom. It opens your mind to a myriad of possibilities.~@auldshaman
    • I am not encumbered with a specific set of beliefs nor am I tied to theistic moral positions.~@addictionguy
    • #Atheism is acceptance of reality and proper application of skepticism/science. They are pathways to truth. Truth is freedom.~@Euclidean_5
    • Atheism is the release from irrational dogma about you and your fellows. It allows you to treat others equally=>freedom.~@Irish_Atheist
    • Religion is emotional and mental slavery, #Atheism is the fight to end it. Religion is the lobotomy of mankind.~@weldermech7066
    • #Atheism is the freedom to have the honesty to say “I don’t know, but I will not jump to outrageous conclusions.~@atheistedu
    • When you realize you are in full control of your life and this is it, everything becomes more meaningful and beautiful.~@CynicScientist 
    • It’s nice not to be subjected to mental slavery. Kinda puts a bounce in my step 🙂 ~Rhenaiya Jesson @Rhenaiya
Believing that “We were put here for a reason” immediately hinders one’s ability to think and act outside those limits.

So, Mr and Mrs theist, I’m truly sorry for the freedoms you cannot appreciate.  However, if you ever wished to claim these freedoms, simply check that your god is where you always supposed he was.  Be honest. Drop the excuses… and you will find nothing.  You are free to believe in gods, but you are obviously NOT free like the Atheist.

Atheists… Consider your freedoms and list them in comments below!  Thanks!

Thanks for reading. ~ @FreeAtheism

6 thoughts on “How is Atheism Freedom?

  1. Atheism is freedom for the simple reason that it is, by default, the most intellectually honest position. No one should believe anything on insufficient grounds and with no evidence. The freedom that remains is one of honest scientific inquiry and discovery that is real. No matter how difficult life may become, we can take comfort in the opportunity to appreciate realty in all of its splendor.

  2. Atheism is freedom organically and innately. Personally, I outgrew all Religion/Theism and found myself never looking back. The transition from Religion/Theism to Atheism/Non-Theism varies between individuals but my experience as an African-American was unique considering that 99.9% of my cultural community and race is Religious/Theists. The freedom for me came through the detoxification and deprogramming from all Religion/Theism. For the Religion/Theism itself was consuming and depressing me to the point that I attempted suicide. It was my drug, disease, and crutch all rolled into one. The freedom came simply from embracing a better and actually alive me. If it were not for Atheism, I would be nothing. If there were no Atheism, I would not be alive. My life would not have been prolonged. I would be dead right now. Thus, Atheism and freedom are like DNA. It is either a part of you or not. There are no shades of gray. It is everything to people like me.

  3. I spent years beating myself up thinking I was displeasing god. After my divorce I went into devastating depression that almost ended my life. Upon realizing that god was not real, I was able to come off medications, and no longer had depression or psychotic issues because the predetermining factor was eliminated. He is either a fucking prick that doesn’t care about shit, or or he doesn’t exist. When that light came on, I was free. No more depression, no more medication; I have went from homelessness from Ohio to Florida. I now work a full time job; my girl and I could never be happier. Working towards a better future. Atheism is freedom.

  4. Read Pat Condell’s new book, “FREEDOM is my Religion” ; transcripts based on his youtube videos. He tells it like it is !

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